US - Protests, Riots, Looting and Insurgency?


If that was the case its a bit foolish to do it in view of everyone and in their uniforms

I’d say they are more than happy for the protesters to know who did it


Quick, jump on the bandwagon…:roll_eyes:


I never said it was a clever black op.


Considering what is going on in the US, this may be a tactical move on the NG’s - since cars can be used as a weapon of mass destruction.

I will never forget that Nigerina lad in 2002 who was not happy at all with the Irish State one bit, reported as a joy ride in the media at the time, a joy ride it certainly was not, which injured 10 people requiring hospitalisation after he rallied it down a potentially packed Henry St. In Dublin city centre, in todays terms that would be a terrorist incident, but things were different then. A more innocent world. A more caring world. A more forgiving world.

I do not know what exactly is the reasoning behind the immobilisation of the cars in the Motherjones video compilation, but you can see other cars in the background moving around, maybe the police have been told to clear any unoccupied cars they came across and have simply neutralised in a crude manner instead, who knows maybe the police and NG are following intel or plans to clear areas and secure areas for their own use or other uses, of course it could be pure malice, but there is not enough context like everything going on, it’s off the charts and it is all about framing - but if someone has more info please post.

Overall, the “peaceful” protests appear to be have been an out and out cover, a trojan horse to carry some antifa or other chaos agents into the heart of key areas and protest events, like the mask some wear out of fear of coronavirus, it dovetails nicely into a face cover for real bad actors.

Ever the opportunistic and by way of example, criminals in Ireland can use the mask in an unscrupulous way. It gives them a lead in cover without alerting any suspicions.

Why, I was witness to a theft this very week, I can not identify the persons involved (so much for CCTV) as they had on face masks. Nice. We all look like perps now. If we choose to wear the garb, or our instincts have been subverted, and we can not detect the danger that walks among us - i.e. wolves in masked clothing.

Think of all the petty and worse criminals that can now go around virtually unprosecutable because identifying them is highly problematic, because of the media and political socialisation of wearing a mask.

Crazy times. Gaslighting times.

TBH if you wanted a video that looks maybe more like a “black op” or a “false flag”, to cause panic and hysteria, and justify whatever for whichever side, at first glance the below video form Seattle does a good job of demonstrating it, man drives car into crowd, gets out with gun and mingles in crowd, crowds shits it and disperses at speed, not sure what happened after this, as he appears to go out of shot - oh but do check out the “Rainbow Coloured” pedestrian crossing! We gotta get us some of those quick! Feck it if you need to build a house on your own land your family has lived for generations and raise a family, planning permission need to be fast tracked for the Rainbow Warriors! Stat!


WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT - Man drives car into Seattle protesters, shoots bystander

Eyewitness video showed a man driving his car into a crowd of protesters in Seattle on Sunday (June 7), apparently shooting and wounding a demonstrator who confronted him as he came to a stop, according to police and eyewitness video.

I am also sure any police or militarised group that watches each others back are not prone to liking one of their own being stabbed or slashed as has happened during protests, is this a symbolic revenge? I dunno, it looks more like following orders/plan.

Evil is on the march.

Evil does not respect borders.


Since writing the above, here is some more info on the matter:

Gordon said the officers also targeted vehicles that could have been used to “cause harm” during the protests, but added that “there will be a review about how these decisions were made.”

Anoka County Sheriff Lt. Andy Knotz also spoke with the news outlet, saying that his deputies were following state orders to join the troopers on patrol and cut the tires of vehicles on Washington Avenue.

According to Knotz, the sheriff’s office could not move the vehicles because tow trucks were unable to reach that location.

At least they can file for compensation unlike those who have had their entire lives work destroyer by the chaos of looters and wanton violence. So there is that. A potential pathway to redress.

Imagine the British use to blow your car up if it looked anyway suspicious while unattended. I know of someone this happened too.


Just ot add to the confusion - the video below (a snippet of which is doing the rounds where at the end where Pelosi can not get up without assistance), is a 8:46 silence in the same setting, and all the participants look a lot like they are doing this “taking a knee” thing, more than the previous depicted event.


Black lives don’t seem to matter so much when they’re slaughtering each other. 90%+ of blacks who are murdered are murdered by other blacks and blacks are 27 times more likely to attack whites than vice versa but…wacism. :bangheadwall:



“… every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” George Orwell, 1984


George Floyd and murder accused Derek Chauvin clashed while working together at Minneapolis nightclub, says co-worker

George Floyd and the police officer charged with his murder knew each other “pretty well” and regularly “bumped heads” when they worked together at a nightclub in Minneapolis, a co-worker has claimed.

Former police officer Derek Chauvin has been charged with second-degree murder after he was filmed kneeling on Mr Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes in the street on May 25.

Speaking to CBS on Tuesday, David Pinney said he worked with the pair as a security guard at El Nuevo Rodeo last year.

“They bumped heads,” Mr Pinney said. “It has a lot to do with Derek being extremely aggressive within the club with some of the patrons, which was an issue.”

Mr Pinney said the two men knew each other “pretty well” and said that Mr Chauvin probably knew who Mr Floyd was when he arrested him.

"He knew him," Mr Pinney told CBS. "I would say pretty well."

The nightclub owner, Maya Santamaria, confirmed last month that the two men worked security at the site.

She told CBS that she believed Mr Chauvin was “afraid and intimidated” by black people in general.


But how will it all affect the prices of houses in SCD? :thinking:

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Thats Racist :wink:


Just an update on CHAZ, in Seattle…

I was wondering why the video / photos I was seeing did not seem that familiar. It not like I had not spent many hours in Bauhaus Cafe on Pine in Lower Capital Hill in the '90’s / '00’s. Or shopped in the Trader Joes by Pine at Madison at the top of the hill. So why did nothing look familiar. Pulled up Google Street View for 11’th and Pine and started laughing.

The “Autonomous Zone” is mostly a big depressing park, Cal Anderson Park, and the block around it with Pine/Pike between Broadway and 12’th as the hub. For as long as I have know these few blocks its basically a nowhere rundown industrial / light commercial area. Due to cheap rents some “creatives” moved into some of the buildings. But its always been a rundown area. Its not like Pine/Pike between 1’st and 2’d downtown which is often sketchy / dangerous. The Broadway / PIne area has been always been a rundown area because its full of losers and drifters. A bit like BellTown before it was gentrified.

That section of Broadway is dominated by Seattle Central College. Which is basically a giant remedial highs school/ESL diploma mill. About 15k students. Think the worst Poly you can imagine. Then multiply by a couple of orders of magnitude. Head north on Broadway and in a few blocks you are in Capital Hill proper. Very different. Nice area. Head south to other side of Madison and you feel the street vibe immediate gets upbeat again. But that part of Pine/Pike always had a weird unsettling vibe. The vibe of failure. Very odd place. Would not be surprised if it was a old Indian burial ground.

So what you have in CHAZ is an area full of people who drifted in from elsewhere, small town / suburbanites, mostly taking credit courses at Central in a half hearted attempt to get into a real university like UW. Add in the usual admixture of psychopaths , criminals and middle aged fantasists. Read the comments section of stories in TheStranger to get a feel for who these people are. Mostly low information idiots. Kiddie revolutionaries. Also the sort of people who gentrified the blacks out of the Central District on the south side of the hill. The black population in the city has started a precipitous decline since the Progressives took over City Hal about 15 years ago.

It will all end in tears. Always does. A couple of murders, serious assaults will soon put an end to the play acting. The only upside is that its in a part of town that even if they burnt it down it would mostly count as urban improvement.

Oh yeah, all you need to know about the current mayor and her supporters is that they went to extreme lengths not to hold the former mayor Ed Murray accountable for his long history of sexually abusing vulnerable teenage boys. It seems you if hold radically progressive political views and are gay it does nt seem to matter how many of Ed Murrays victims came forward there was complete silence when it came to offering support to the victims. Often very vulnerable teenage boys who were in his charge when he worked as a “counselor”.

The wiki article about Murray is a whitewash. The full stories of abuse told by his many victims were very compelling. One mystery about the whole Ed Murray case was why a criminal investigation was never opened into what Murray did while he was in Belfast in the 1970’s. The evidence that Murray is a hardened sexual predator and abuser looks overwhelming so he most likely abused some of those kids too.

Anyway. That’s Seattle Progressive Politics in a nutshell. Ed Murray.



Major outage across the US of what seems like all cell networks with the outage hotspots matching
some of the major city/states of unrest and chaos, service outages example from about an hour ago:


Perhaps things are afoot… or not.

As always for live updates of service outage across the major carriers and tech platforms.


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What about the term “wage slave” are they going to outlaw that!


Unplanned donation of labour.


They probably will!
After all, our local barber has even removed ‘wet shave’ from advertisements to avoid offending dyslexic customers


Where does it end?, how are the youth of today going to survive the real world, I feel old.


How do you feel about some more planned donations to the Gov so they can redistribute as a Universal Basic income, otherwise you face the prospect of regular irregular unplanned donations of your own money and property, and that of your family and friends, at random intervals of potentially increasing frequency, for the rest of your undonated life.