US - Protests, Riots, Looting and Insurgency?


Just a tiny bit more obvious than zero evidence. For those lacking discernment or who can’t help projecting their dissatisfaction with life onto sundry boogeymen:

Soros funds progressive organisations ≠ Soros “desperately wants civil unrest to continue”


It’s is indeed very unfair how George Soros is mis-characterized in certain media channels.

Mr. Soros has done much charity work and has even received praise from His Holiness, Pontifex Maximus, Pope Francis.


Three people can keep a secret so long as two of them are dead.

It’s more true now than it was century’s ago. All of your conspiracy theories fall apart when one asks what are the logical and necessary consequences of the conspiracy being true. Okay, so X is controlling things. How is that happening? X is one person, they can’t do much on their own. How does he get people to do his bidding for him? How many people are working for him. How are orders given out? Who controls the bank accounts? Who are the auditors involved in creating fraudulent books? Who manages all the emails, call records etc?

The phone records are wiped are they? That means the core software engineers in dozens of telcos are involved. Anyone who has any experience with Telcos knows that is preposterous.
The bank records are secret? No, they are not. No one in any bank is going to cover up a conspiracy without a signed paper trail.

He controls the media does he? So what does he do, call up Joe Duffy on a daily basis to explain to Joe what today’s agenda is?

The number of people that would need to be involved rapidly grows; the paper trail grows exponentially; the number of points at which evidence can leak out grows to the point where it becomes unfeasible that it be kept secret.

But off course, Soros is such a master mind he only recruits super skilled individuals. Never once has he made a hiring mistake. Never once has anyone been involved that became disgruntled and talked in public; never once did any of the thousands of people involved make a mistake as trivial as send an email to the wrong person; never has there been any blunders, no mistakes, no screw-ups, no leaks, nothing.

A significant proportion of the Irish government body tried to organize a piss-up in secret last week and couldn’t do it. But of course Soros doesn’t bother himself with idiots like those; he only hires the super skilled, super competent, extraordinary people.


I assume you’re Mantissa with this level of analness.

The tactics being used are well worn CIA ones, used for decades, but now used domestically.

  1. Fund Progressive Street movements. Happened in Minneapolis.
  2. Encourage heavily edited Agit Prop to be played constantly on the media. Media full of sympathizers. Even your mocking citing of Joe Duffy is laughable. You must know little about him.
  3. Ensure counter propaganda is NOT played. Happened in Minneapolis. Body cam footage was not released. Keith Ellison is a sympathizer, possibly an asset.
  4. Have your astroturfed “Grass Roots” movements arrange street protests
  5. Sit back. Let all your sympathizers and assets do their thingm
  6. Have the Lawyer groups you’ve also funded bail out the rioters.



There is vast amounts of information and first hand accounts of what the CIA attempted to do. Anytime the CIA did attempt to do anything they made a balls of it. This is despite most of what they attempted to be covered by strong legal restrictions against speaking out. And yet with your conspiracy theories, nothing. Not a single shred of hard evidence.

According to you Soros has built and funded this massive organization that is routinely capable of doing things the CIA/KGB and others were never able to do. An organization that must consists of tens of thousands of people and have a yearly budget of many billion. He has done it all in complete secrecy; not a single person has spoken publicly, or came forward with any hard evidence. He truly must be one of the most impressive individuals that ever lived. Particularly so since he is 90 years old and has the energy to do all this.


Really, tell us more…?

Poor old CIA guys… never get a break.


There’re clearly not 100% incompetent, plenty of colour revolutions they funded and backed worked out well for them, the downside for the CIA ect is they can never boast about their success

George spends billions on his projects, he has to be getting some value for his investment, the people on the payroll don’t rock the boat because they agree with the agenda, and like anyone else they like the money

Soros is not some new phenomenon, 100 years ago Jacob Schiff was doing the same thing, there is nothing new under the sun


They are not totally incompetent, no. But if you know about the projects that they have funded; you can buy well sourced books describing their projects, then they have made a balls of their secret clandestine project. You can go into any library and find a large range of books with first hand sources, records etc describing their projects.

Yes, indeed he does. And he goes onto CNBC etc on a regular basis advertising those projects. There are lists of projects; org structures of the people involved in those projects; there are accounts published on what the money is spent on.

What there is not, is a single piece of evidence that he is involved in anything that he doesn’t advertise or make public one or another. It can’t really be a conspiracy theory if the ones involved in the conspiracy create glossy brochures, slick advertising campaigns broadcasting the conspiracy and making public all relevant accounts, can it?


I never made any such assertion. Stop straw-manning. I’ve made a series of points. Supported by evidence. You’ve ignored. Good luck to you.


Yes it would seem that George is completely open about his projects and agenda, but I don’t believe it, he’s hardly the first person selling us a utopian project while his real motive is something else far different


(Warning: Link to graphic footage of “demonstrators” being shot by “armed civilians protecting businesses”.)


From chatter online I am reading this was a 17 year old charged with protecting businesses.

He possibly had already shot someone in self-defence, proceeded to the police to report & turn-in, but was then deterred by the police while trying to do so (probably crowd control issues) and then on the way back was further attacked by a group with the results apparently captured on the videos in the twitter link posted, again responding in self-defense, from that twitter link it appears one of the attackers was also armed with a pistol.

Not the first time I’ve seen a video come out for of the US were someone defends themselves from an attacking mob hellbent on causing them badly harm only to be dissipated because the mark is armed and very capable at handling the situation.

Here another story of the ongoing mayhem, and thankfully no injuries or death.

Can you see it?


Here is the sequence of events that led up to the first shooting…

Looks like the kid, the shooter, was maybe shooting (returning fire?) at a bunch of vehicles that seemed to be part of the arson group. That was a witness report from one of the local business owners up the street. It seems the shot was not aimed at the guy hit in the head. You can see the shooter in one video go up to the shot guy to see what had happened. Not something done by someone who had been aiming at a target. The shooter then gets on the phone were it looks like someone told him to get the hell out of there before he was killed. The first guy shot was part of the arson group and according to one report had been videoed earlier shouting “shoot me” at people protecting property.

The shooter then runs towards the police line but is quickly followed by a mob. The shooter trips and while on the ground some guy from the mob starting whaling on the prone shooter with a skateboard hitting him around the head. The shooter fire a round into the guy attacking with the skateboard. It looks like the skater is the second dead guy. A third guy runs up to the shooter but when he get close put up his hands as if to show unarmed but then he pulls a handgun. The shooter, who is still on the ground shot him in the arm. That’s the guy with a part of his upper arm missing. The shooter gets up, there are a few more rounds exchanged, and he heads to the police lines with his hands up. He goes over to a police cruiser but they wave him off. Unaware of his role in what happened.

The whole “fugitive” business is the kid probably went home to his parents house which is just across the state line in Illinois. Where I expect he quickly presented himself to local law-enforcement. Hopefully with a lawyer.

I know a lot of people who will donate to this kids legal defense fund. The Antifa / Black Block / BLM people seem to have some very deep pockets people paying their legal costs. I could be wrong but so far the two dead guys look like they are probably the typical white assholes you find at these sort of riots.

And the black guy whose shooting while violently resisting arrest who was the excuse for all the wanton destruction of the last few days? A violent criminal with a long history of gun offenses, domestic violence, domestic abuse and was being arrested on criminal rape warrant. I would have slightly more respect for the BLM people if almost every single one of their purported “victims” was not some utterly worthless criminal scumbag.


China during the Cultural Revolution

America today

I can imagine someone in the CCP politburo arguing that they should secretly send a few hundred million to the BLM industry, but one of his colleagues who has a better understanding of US politics would point out that George Soros and others are already funding such groups, the CCP money would be better spent ensuring the likes of Soros never gain a foothold in the Middle Kingdom


There is clear video of this chap being chased by the first guy he shot, some seconds after he launched molotov cocktail at him which missed while he continued to pursue him, until he retained fires and shot him.

One this is sure there is a lot of photo graphic and video evidence form a lot of angles for this one.

Dailymail were quick and did a decent job of compiling all themedai and events afaict:


Here it is… an almost identical situation, skateboard wielding attacker proceeds to get shot, but it is from mid June almost 3 months ago - did it get similar media coverage?

I think not.

Video has surfaced of an incident leading to a man shot in Albuquerque, New Mexico during a protest over the “Juan de Oñate” sculpture in front of the Albuquerque Museum on Monday.

The graphic video shows an individual, identified by KRQE as Steven Baca, being chased and assaulted by several protestors. The individual eventually pulls out a firearm and shoots one of his attackers.

Many in the leftist media linked Baca with a militia group called the New Mexico Civil Guard, which was at the event. But KRQE reports the group claims Baca is not affiliated with them.

The difference here is this 17 year old may have been carrying the gun illegally, but as you say the gofundme or similar support will probably cover his legal expenses.


I had read that the first guy shot was part of a group who was ready to torch businesses. If the first guy shot was chasing the shooter then its straight self defense. Wisconsin is not like Illinois, it has pretty standard gun laws. So the shooters legal position looks pretty good if the first confrontation was self defense. The other two shootings were self defense.

Wisconsin is a open carry, stand your ground state. Illinois has strict gun laws because the blacks in Chicago have slaughtered each other in large numbers for many decades, so of course the state pols try to disarm everyone else. But most of the state is not Chicago so is normal (including Normal, IL), so gun laws not as oppressive as NY for example. The kid was over 14 and once he had the ID card he was legal to own guns. Hunting is a big deal in that part of the world and the AR15 is the standard hunting rifle. So pretty normal for small town kids to have a hunting rifle. When it goes to a jury trial if the first confrontation was self defense and as as expect most of the rioter were from out of town / out of state I think the kids odd look pretty good, legally speaking.

There will be a backlash sooner or later and the Antfa people would love to have a bunch of black people shot but as Antifa and the rioters are overwhelming white (and middle class) when a whole bunch of them are actually shot with a bit of luck it will be just all stupid white folk who end up in the morgue. Which should end the stupidity for a while at least. Nothing like getting shot to bring a sense reality to these stupid white people. As I’ve said before I’ve known these type of people for decades in Berkeley and San Francisco. The world really would be a better place if some of these utterly pointless parasites are shot. Pour encourage les autres.


Lots of videos out there of the specific footage but don’t have the link right now but in this much longer video, around 40 second in, this specific footage of the molotov chase is there including a lot more.


I was struck how he was described as a “Man” all over the place. If the police had shot a 17 year old he would have been described as a Youth, Boy, Kid, Teen etc.

The American State will probably come down very hard on him.