US: The Donald defaults? … 8625.story

Well hell, at least the Donald has experience of screwing banks before.

do u think any european bank will ever lend to anything remotely connected to the US economy ever again?

The thread title should read ‘The Donald defaults…again?’ Will they ever learn??

This f*(ker is the chief shill on the planet, captain marvel, posterchild for the global property pyramid scheme.

The one saving grace of a succesful globqal stalinist coup would be fellas like this gettin the ol’ OBE

Deadbeat scumbag.
Someone should sendd him on a backpackers holiday to Athens.

Let him explain himself direct to the crusties

why do people listen to this gobshite. hes a glorified cowboy with the worst hairpiece i have ever seen :laughing:

You haven’t seen Batt O’Keeffe recently then ?