US: Twenty percent of owners strip houses before banks....

Wonder if Michael Lynn has any tips on this ?

Follow the Hippo 8)

I think a modern Irish tenancy agreement should come with a declaration by the Landlord that the mortgage is up to date at time of letting and that it will be kept up to date for the duration of the tenancy .

Failure to comply would be a criminal offence with jail time …no money to pay fines you see .

A worthy point indeed.

If you remember my comments some months back regards developers holding onto entire developments and switching mortgage from dev to sell to dev to let was leaving us to unforeseen social consequences.

If even one developer hit the wall and had one or more sets of developemtns financed by BANK I’d imagine the BANK would want vacant possession if it came to whole scale repossession.

You might see it yet, hundreds of tenants evicted en masse putting the British landlords of historical legacy as one to admire…

A 200 apt block could have anything from a minimum of 200 occupants up to maybe even the times that much 600 and maybe more would you consider one bed sharing/couples…