Usernames, Joined, Posts, Location and ...

While I can see where it might pose a problem if someones level is Back home with Mammy or homeowner but I’ve a suggestion that’s maybe been touted before.

Independently Observing, Squatting (i.e. living rent free), Renting, Mortgage Holder, Property Owner etc. Don’t think declaring multiple properties is as necessary.

Would it be too much of an infringement on privacy? I wouldn’t say any more so than “Location”, although that isn’t exactly taken too seriously by many.

There’s been a few posts in particular recently that I could have saved a lot of time not reading if I had to have known what angle they were coming from. I’m talking about the emotive type posts, which have their value too… at times (I’ve laughed at Larry’s head exploding on more than one occasion :smiley: )

It’s assigned by post count and is not indicative of the users position other than by coincidence until it passes to the next.

However I see there has indeed been an increase in the gamut of the lexicon and we might need to introduce some newer terms to stay fresh like!

Hmm, that’s not exactly what I’m getting at.

Under a user’s profile, they can edit things like their location and signature which are there for all to see when they post. I’m suggesting to add a “status” option where the user can select their status from a drop down list. It doesn’t have to be compulsory to fill in but would be nice to have. It’d save some users having to explain, all the time, if they’re a mortgage holder or a renter, and also to time saving such as I alluded to in my first post.

You following?

The reason I mentioned the rankings at all was to point out that there may be cross-over between the actual terms used.

Not to derail my own thread but good point on the lexicon. Suggestion: Before Nationalised: Part Nationalised.

So how is the weather in Mesopotatia? :smiley:

‘The Land between two Potatoes’

Damp. Horrid damp. OW will vouch for that :wink:

Mesopotamia: Commonly regarded as the cradle of civilisation
Mosopotatia: Commonly regarded as cradle of gombeenism