Vacant Home Tax Hunt - Lights Out for Property Ownership

Wefenue Watching

Back in the day counting ESB connections to figure out the the empty gaffs was a pinster favourite headed by @2Pack iirc correctly but it was @Green_Bear who may have started the whole thing

It looks like Revenue or should we say Wefenue, may have learned a thing or two have even deeper analytical tools at hand, if all of this pertains to be true, from Dr. Vincent Carroll via Irish Inquiry (can’t find the original telegram post) then… We’re All Trump now.

Given 3 weeks to confirm or deny that I had a vacant property (Dr. Vincent Carroll)

Today I made a discovery that should concern all of us. I opened a letter this morning from the revenue commissioners in which I was given three weeks to confirm or deny that I had a vacant property and if I had there would be a special tax payable on it in addition to the regular property tax.

A vacant property is defined as a property that is occupied for less than thirty days a year. It so happens that I don’t. There was a property ID supplied so I rang on the nearly invisible phone number supplied. Eventually I got through to a particularly helpful person who told me that the property ID on the letter corresponded to my actual address, the house that I live in.

Apparently they spotted that my use of electricity was less than the average and therefore my house must be vacant! They calculated it on electricity usage and floor area in Sq metres and concluded that I am in residence for less than thirty days a year.

It so happens that I don’t use a lot of electricity for no particular reason, I am quite happy to sit in a dark room and I don’t look at television. My cooking is minimal and I am privileged to live in a heritage property so there are a good few square metres of space. They got their maths wrong!

But this is gross government overreach, this is preparing for the ultimate nationalisation of the housing stock. Firstly vacant homes or more precisely semi vacant homes will be hit with an uneconomic tax. Then holiday homes, then investment properties and eventually main homes. Don’t think that this is some far off theoretical event, a referendum to delimit property rights that government and fake opposition parties are supportive of combined with a hard left Sinn Fein marxist government that has a philosophical objection to the concept of private property and property could easily be nationalised in the ‘common good’.

This must start with baby steps and the letter that I received this morning and I was told that many people received a similar letter this morning due to a noticed discrepancy between expected electricity usage and residency. We have been warned.


I remember all that talk a decades ago or so about how the Irish tax system was moving to be a “progressive tax” system and so was going to be much gooder or something, now we know,

So once again, it is amazing (not) how the various Menace controlled states act in unison, for e.g. Commiefornia as it has come to be know.

Here’s a question to ask a normie:
Q: Do you lock your front door when you leave the house?
A: Yes, obviously.
Q: Why?
A: Because someone might mess the place up, steal something, burn it, insist on staying etc.
Q: But aren’t you OK with that?
A: What do you mean?
Q: Didin’t you just describe mass immigration?
A: Shut up. I don’t like you any more.