Vacant houses: selling to council


Bit of coverage on council’s purchasing vacant homes lately.

Question: if you’ve a house (currently empty) advertised by an estate agent but not yet sale agreed, and you decide to sell to the Council instead, does the agent still get their cut or is there some haggling to be done there?


Agent gets a fee alright. I guess if they didn’t find the buyer i.e. you contacted the Council and they bought it, then they might not get the full fee


Yes, that’s the situation I’m thinking of. Agent advertising/showing house but seller recently became aware of the Council scheme. Would be a case of seller dealing directly with Council. However, agent could argue they’ve done a fair bit of work to date even though they haven’t yet sold it.


Is there not a contract that covers this? I haven’t sold in Ireland but when I did elsewhere it was all spelled out in the contract. Something like; commission is payable on any sale during a six month period and, beyond six months, commission was payable on any sale to a purchasers introduced by the agent during the initial six months.