Vaccinated vs. Non Vaccinated & the Vaccine Bonus


Ah it’s your “wen” again. Have ye not guessed by now she is full CCP agent.


Just testing yis!


The more one digs the more bizarre her backstory gets. She gets one of those Little Smart Arse early entry degrees at Cal State (think Leaving Cert level stuff, no great shakes) then goes to Med School in St Louis. What? A full scholarship for UC was a shoo-in for someone like her. Her family lived within three hours drive of at least three of the top med schools in the country and she goes to study in the arse-hole of the Mid West. The rest of her resumes reads like a classic political operator. The purely ER experience tells me she was never serious about being a MD.

Other weird stuff. He parent get out as political refugees in the early 1990’s. How? And more importantly why? Very few got out in the 5 years post Tiananmen. Then her dad goes work for as an IT guy for a Taiwanese / Cantonese newspaper. Someone from Shanghai? No fucking way. Not back then. The Cantonese make the Camorra look like an open membership inclusive organization.

This story stinks just like the early days Obama back story. Except it was obvious who was running the Barry Dunham story. Especially once he got to Chicago. So whose running Wen I wonder. Her career path makes not the slightest bit of sense for a first generation Chinese. Even a second generation would have been a bit more low profile.


What was that news story form last year, 2 million CCP spies embedded across the world, how many in the US?

A leaked database of 2 million Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members revealed that thousands of Chinese communist members infiltrated U.S., U.K., and Australian government agencies and companies, new reports revealed over the weekend.


It’s a very ‘rapid riser’ CV with the usual book deals.
Worked as a ER doctor, yet a professor on health policy and management in a public health faculty? That’s odd. Not impossible, but odd.


And nice little association posts / presidencies for profile.

Then on to planned parenthood.

All she’s missing is the Rhodes Scholarship or Fulbright.


Gript - poll on vaccine passports


Another survey, being run by a twitter account I know.


98% Says NO

  • NO (98%, 1,144 Votes)
  • YES (2%, 28 Votes)


The Rhodes /Fullbright is in there. Thats were she met her rich kid progressive media whore husband. In Oxford.

I am very familiar with “Stanford Types”. Her resume reads odd, even for a “Stanford Type”.


I’ve seen a lot more Harvard & MIT boys tbh, only an occasional Stanford. Right now Ioannoudis and Bhattacharya are two of the few that are making sense, and they’re both Stanford?

Wow… looking at even more of her wiki.

Public health commissioner in Baltimore.
one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2019
Two masters - one economics/social history, the other Chinese studies
WHO fellowship. DOD in Ruanda.
she advised the U.S. Congress on physician workforce and medical education through her appointment on the Council on Graduate Medical Education

It is a whole smorgasboard of here there and everywhere… the only consistency being high level appointments that give her the imprimatur of being an expert in multiple, multiple career subspecialties of public health, health administration, education, emergency medicine, addition etc.




Cork grandmother jailed for 90 days for repeated facemask offences

How has it come to this?


McNulty does not seem to have had a stellar judicial career. A District Judge for 20 years. So given that it was originality a political appointment the fact that he has gone nowhere since tells you a lot about his actual legal abilities. Or lack thereof. Even if he was a FF judge who had lost his political mentors. Which is probably the case.


Big Pharma took over governments a long time ago. All part of the plan. Look at Ireland:

Who created the HSE?

A national Health Service, is a perfectly engineered metastate.

Why do you think the budget for the HSE never goes down and always only ever goes up. All part of the plan.


Also note how the continuing narrative of the HSE being an incomprehensible and unmanageable black hole of spending has been pumped through the media until it just became an accepted fact with the public. Phrases like HSE “overruns” “mismanagement” “budget deficit” etc just became part of the furniture and help smooth over the actual pillage.


Share widely and quickly. What they are trying to do is Evil in the extreme. This is a point of no return. They are doing this because you are winning. Keep winning.





Hundreds of people protest Government response to pandemic

Large number of young people angry at what they perceive as discrimination between vaccinated and unvaccinated