Vaccinated vs. Non Vaccinated & the Vaccine Bonus






How The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic Has Eugenicist Parallels Today :thinking:



Big crowds out again tonight, another weekday, at the Áras.


Ne got a can handy?


Posted outside Toulon apparently :grin:


Wait till the Museum hears about this!


Also in France… allegedly


So the vaccine apartheid has arrived in Ireland!


The Irish Republic is now under Enemy occupation.

Infiltration instead of invasion.



This won’t be forgotten. We will see more and more chatter about the President’s double life.


Mandatory Covid-19 vaccination may be appropriate for some - but there are other solutions

Social welfare could also be used as a tool to encourage vaccination.
The Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP) is currently in place to support people who have been unable to work due to Covid-19 restrictions.
If an eligible person has refused to register for a vaccine, they should no longer be eligible for the PUP, as the primary reason for their inability to work is their unwillingness to be vaccinated.

Funny the Fact checked this last year :thinking:

Debunked: No, you won’t need a ‘vaccination passport’ to receive social welfare



One of the few doctors in Ireland to stand up and be counted, at great personal and professional risk, is Dr Pat Morrissey from Adare, County Limerick

“Facts are rejected to push an experimental therapy on young people whose risks vastly outweigh any benefit by taking it.”


Macron has apparently just made hospitals open to those with vaccine passes only. Vaccination, negative test or acquired immunity.


Voting too

Richard Ings @richardcings

The list of confirmed zones that will be unavailable to the unvaccinated in France grows by the hour. Polling stations: no vaccination, no entry.


The Menace is now in an ongoing declaration of open warfare on humanity.

All humans, men, women and children, have been deemed legitimate targets.


Just watched Veran in the Assembly. The authoritarian arrogance was palpable.

Macrons odds of making it through to the second round next year were already bleak so if the story of Joachim Son-Forget amendment refection is correct then its little more than a constitutional coup by this stage. Although it being France…

If Macron does try to enforce shit like this then its guarantee to end in bloodshed. I would not be surprises if Macron does not try a state of emergency like the ones at the end of the Fourth Republic. When pretty much all civil rights were set aside. For the “good of the people”. i.e third rate politicians trying to save their power and influence.

It was not just the hundreds of magrebs who were beaten to death and bodies dumped in the Seine by Papons thugs. Lots of other people disappeared as well back then.


Well it seems the smaller healthcare worker unions, police unions and pretty much all on the left are against Macrons plans.

Interesting to see what the center party unions position is.

The fact that the CGT are against is a big deal. They are the guys who strike all the time. Even though a minority union they can shutdown the country whenever they want. The annual SNCF strike is those guys.


All on the LEFT


I’m looking for the equivalent public letters from those on the right. Who have been equally vocal. What the French left does show up is just how supine and pathetic the left has been in anglophone countries. Although the Germans ones have been little better.

All english speaking left wing parties have been public health authoritarians and have been loudest in support of suppression of basic human rights. Barely a squeak out of human rights organizations like Liberty in the UK or the ACLU in the US.

In fact the only people the ACLU filed COVID related lawsuits for in the last year were for criminals in jail. And the hundreds of thousands of illegals currently swarming across the Mexican border. They filed a lawsuit that illegals could not be tested for COVID. Heard yesterday that as the illegals have been dumped all over the country that even in Alaska hospitals have started re scheduling admissions in the last few days because they are full of sick illegals dumped on them by the Biden government. Who get free health care courtesy of the taxpayer.

And then they wonder why so many vote and support Trump even though he is such a repellent person in so many ways.