Vaccinated vs. Non Vaccinated & the Vaccine Bonus



Free donuts, marijuana, and money still hasn’t persuaded 50% of Americans to take the experimental Covid vaccine, so the White House officially pivoted in their propaganda campaign by making half of the country the new enemy.



Irish Ice hockey international Niall McEvoy explains why he can no longer represent a country that requires vaccine passports. It comes as President Michael D Higgins has signed the controversial legislation into law that will allow indoor hospitality in pubs and restaurants to return for those fully vaccinated or people who have recovered from the virus.
On Friday the sports star sent an email of resignation to his Irish National Ice Hockey team: “Ireland is now, officially, a Medical apartheid/Fascist State in line with the wider global control grid.
The group of people acting as the Irish Government has been allowed, by our citizens, Gardaí and the Irish defence forces to erode our rights given to us under the Irish constitution, the UN Declaration of Human Rights and have broken the Nuremberg Code.

I can no longer represent a country that has approved of the discrimination and segregation between vaccinated people and unvaccinated people”. The sporting hero made the announcement after the Health (Amendment No.2) 2021 was passed in the Dáil and Seanad last week.


This is my known case of the “vaccinated of AstraZeneca jab” that simply didn’t work.

Recent happened: Brother and wife are in transition of moving back to Ireland from the UK. Have 3 kids. Nana (fully vaccinated Pfizer BioNTech) was minding the kids in Ireland in their new home. Both parents fully were vaccinated in UK by AstraZeneca back in May.

Fly back to Ireland 2 weeks ago – both pre board PCR and antigen tested were performed (tested negative prior to flight) tested positive 5 days later for Delta variant (Stayed in bubble on return) Husband and wife had flu like symptoms for 2-5 days. Infected the son (7) and one daughter (13). The other daughter (15) tested negative than positive just today. Nana was also tested negative.

Interesting points

  • The 7-year-old has kept on saying when I am going to get the virus? – no symptoms at all now fully recovered.
  • The rest of the family had flu like symptoms for 3 days max - except for the Mother.
  • The mother had aches and pains in legs for 5 days now recovered.
  • Nana didn’t contract the Virus after taking the Pfizer BioNTech so maybe it works?

My other brother was on the fence about his 2nd jab of Pfizer BioNTech but since it worked on Nana he took it yesterday and is feeling poorly today.

Since the three kids now have natural immunity, they don’t have to take the jab – now agreed by the mother. Both Husband and Wife (late 40’s) are wondering why they took the jab in the first place when it certainly didn’t work.

So why are they going to let “Fully Vaccinated” people into restaurants if the AstraZeneca is not that effective and certainly not absolute. It seems to get the Delta Variant is no big deal if you can handle flu like symptoms (ages 7 -49 years old). Nana is now monitored to see if the MRNA will turn itself off creating the spike proteins/antigens. Time will tell and hopefully this will work.

Anyhow, this is my known case of the “vaccinated of AstraZeneca” that simply didn’t work. Maybe the under 50’s should have had natural herd immunity to let their own immune system create the antibodies? Maybe the
Pfizer BioNTech works for now but lets see when the winter comes? Who knows?


The efficacy numbers claimed are lies. Accurate numbers would take at least 12 months after the second jab to establish. This is very basic mathematics.

Here is the science. The flu shot has 70 years of history, in a good year it has 50% efficacy. In a bad year its 20%. Its main public health utility is that reduces the severity of infections in younger people. Who account for 1/3 of all flu deaths. The flu shot has little impact on infection rates. Just the severity of the symptoms in younger people. No real effect with older people.

All attempts at human corona virus vaccines have failed. Very low efficacy, very high rate of side effects. Human corona virus infections in an typical year will kill around 20% and 30% of the number of people who die of influenza. There is little serious data because human corona virus infections are so common and vaccines were considered a waste of time. They dont show up in the public health mortality numbers because they were never tested for.

One adenovirus flu vaccines was approved for general use. The only adenovirus vaccine in fact. It was never used because its efficacy was lower than traditional attenuated virus flu shot (by quite a bit in some people). And they were much more expensive.

So none of the current or future SARs CoV 2 vaccines will have any real impact on the SARs Cov 2 infection rates. Thats a given. But once they change the COVID testing protocols back to the ones used prior to March 2020 the number of official COVID “cases” will quickly collapse.

Because thats how casedemics work. High testing rate, high case count. Low testing rate, low case count.

Vaccination rate is completely irrelevant to the case number.




“I’ve no time for the anti-vax crowd.”

An infamous Publican takes a novel approach. Tolerance has it’s limits.

The proprietor of one of Dublin’s best-known gay bars, Pantibar, has said he will not reopen indoor facilities until all his young staff are vaccinated against Covid-19… Mr O’Neill said that the decision had been his, that his staff had not requested the move.

Is this the first time an Irish employer has held their staff to ransom via social media?

Ya gotta dig into the [twitter comments](, to locate the “anti-vax” crowd.

Replying to @PantiBliss

The Supermarket workers were safe for 15 months with no Injections, and no masks for months!

Must be because they are “Super” :whistle:


John Calhoun “Behavioural sink”. The difference is, overcrowding of environment is artificial in our case.
Few years ago I would just laughed at the theories that we are mined for resources for other worlds. Not anymore.


Sometimes it feels like I must have fallen into a parallel universe…

Things have changed so quickly. Yet so many seem to be just fine with it all. That’s the weirdest thing. How can people from the world I grew up in think this is normal?

But traces were there in the last 3-4 years I suppose, I’d started hearing of agenda 21, the guidestones but didn’t think it could happen, how would they convince people.



Of course this type of control, and generally buying the electorate with printed debt, will be so much easier in a cashless society


COVID PCR Tests Recalled by FDA?

Only One Test Recalled – Dozens Remain
Dr. James Lyons-Weiler Confirms this Analysis

The Smoking Gun is the use of a lower CT threshold for people who have been vaccinated. CDC is only reporting breakthrough cases with CT less than 28 and dead or hospitalized. They are reporting in the unvaccinated CT up to 38 or 39. This will bias the reports and make it look like Delta or other variants are occurring only in the unvaccinated.


‘A danger to themselves’: Scott Morrison says unvaccinated Australians will face restrictions


The Gatekeeper?


More like the Gamekeeper - as in Mellors






Not only that you may have a compromised immune system.

ADE Endgame, that is the much speculated endgame since last year. Plenty of health professional were the first to get, as I pointed out that was a big mistake.

The Health Service however it may be, are the antibodies/immune system of an organised society - Hit #1

The population own immune system is the last defense - Hit #2

Include children in that and you finish off the society/nation/people/tribe.

Very well thought out and it only required three magical keywords to disarm the target:









Factchecked -“People are being diagnosed with delta variant” even though “there is no delta variant test.”

If individual testing doesn’t reveal delta, how do we know it is in play?

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains how it tracks variants by analyzing some 750 [samples]( per week from state health departments and other public health agencies and making estimates:

“The SARS-CoV-2 genome encodes instructions organized into sections, called genes, to build the virus. Scientists use a process called genomic sequencing to decode the genes and learn more about the virus. Genomic sequencing allows scientists to identify SARS-CoV-2 and monitor how it changes over time into new variants, understand how these changes affect the characteristics of the virus, and use this information to better understand how it might impact health.”

In the U.S., delta is the cause of more than 80% of new COVID-19 cases, according to the CDC.