Vaccination may not stop transmission



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Coronavirus 2020
Coronavirus 2020

“They might prevent transmission, it’s unlikely . . .
However, Moore added that we still needed to wait for the data from studies to confirm this.

Therefore, even if you are fully vaccinated, it is still not guaranteed that you will not pass the Covid-19 virus to somebody else.


More than a dozen elderly care home residents in north-western Germany have been infected with the UK coronavirus strain around a week after receiving the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, local authorities have said.
It was unclear when or why those infected caught the disease, as all 14 cases were either totally asymptomatic or displayed only mild symptoms


Cold catching in winter. Who’d of thunk it. :roll_eyes:


I know, but I like to keep track of these in case they try saying we all have to take it for herd immunity. If people still catch it post-vaccination, and presumably still spread it, that’s a much harder sell.


Herd immunity is a chimera. All it means is the epidemic is over. Nothing else. Just he general background infection rate <1%. So already there.

Here is a survey paper on just how little effect mass Influenza vaccination has on the actual number of Influenza cases.

The only provable effect from mass Influenza vaccination is that it has a measurable effect on severity of infection. So greatly reducing stress on the health care system during the flu season. Thats about it. The infection rate stays about the same.

And for older people no measurable effect on older people, mortality rates or hospitalization rates.

And as the transmission mode, symptoms and pathology of SARS Cov 2 are pretty much the same as Influenza A any SARs Cov2 vaccination policy will have pretty much the same results as the flu’ shot. No impact on infection rate and as SARs Cov2 is almost totally a fatal infection for those over 60 (unlike Influenza) no real impact on mortality rates. The old and sick will be dying at the same rates whether vaccinated or not.