Vaccine dangers, UK Parliament debate Andrew Bridgen MP

Two years later what you already knew reading here but it get’s laid all out in Uk Parliament as best you could expect. Apply same to Irl etc. it’s all the same., the whole event is the living recent proof.

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Just a pity that so few MPs bothered to show up and there is a real chance that it will now slip into the political abyss.

Which is what the world sees running at half a million thus far - Read the comments too!

Yeah, hopefully constituents will tackle their own MPs as to why they did not attend and keep the pressure up, but I’m not hopeful.

They don’t care, public representatives gave up pretending to be beholden to public sentiment several years ago now.
All criticism of representatives is far-right, hate speech from a tiny minority of destructive malcontents and it should be punished and not given a platform.

The change happened in Ireland about the time Varadkar took over from Kenny if I remember. It was fairly sudden.

Richie Allen summed the debate up by saying something along the lines of
FFS there was more people at Jimmy Savile’s funeral.
I looked it up and he was right

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While that is correct, it is also because his “preferences” did not come to light until months after his death.
If his paedophilia had been known before his death then there would be probably no mourners.

Delingpole’s podcast had Andrew Bridgen MP on to talk about his debate in the Commons last week, the shadow banning of the debate, what went on in No.10 in recent years and his own vaccine damage. Bridgen is the Tory MP for North West Leicstershire pretty much slap bang in the middle on England.

Entry level stuff for anyone on here, but a bit like the Matt LeTiss interviews a very good intro for the man on the street.
Something friends and family might become open to hearing.

Andrew Bridgen MP (

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That’s a great chat and candid insight from an MP… never too late to hear it.


Fair play to him. I’d like to share his confidence but not sure of his self preservation instinct.

Interesting that the video has been reuploaded as youtube had banned it, was it edited or did youtube come to realise that they cannot censor the House of Commons debate?

Putting this here but it could probably do with its own thread seeing as there will be more follow ups.