Vaccines Bring Them Closer to Your Children - In School

Oh wow, what incredible fortune is this, why it’s World Immunisation Week!

I know what you’re thinking, how did I miss last years event? :thinking:

According to the WHO:

Vaccines have brought us closer, and will bring us closer again

Good news, sources close to government have indicated, the Dept of Education and Pharma White Knight of the moment Pfizer are set to team up this week to enrol your little darlings into a global core of vaccine advocates with some totally solid educational happy meal work activities, using colourful characters we’ve all come to adore.

I’m sure most parents are relieved that Big Pharma are wasting no time to direct market impressionable children while they sit like fish in a barrel at socially distanced school, alone together - especially now the EU has promised to inject all child recruits as soon as they can.

Below are the materials provided by Pfizer to the nations school going children this week.


  1. Play the vaccine introduction video

  2. Begin the class by explaining to the pupils that although COVID-19 can make some of us feel sick, there are things we can do to prevent this happening.

  3. “Think-pair-share”: What things have they done in the past year to prevent the spread of Covid-19? Discussion around hand washing, hand sanitizer, social distancing, school closures, not seeing family and friends, no play dates, no sport training etc.

  4. Use the glossary to help you explain what vaccines are.

  5. Vaccines are given via a small needle into the upper arm.This feels like a small pinch!

  6. Try it out! Encourage them to pinch their own upper arm.

  7. We have lots of different vaccines that protect us against different diseases.

  8. Discuss with the class that they would have been to the doctor/nurse for injections like this when they were smaller to help keep them healthy.

  9. Show the group the “superbug” SARS-CoV-2 fact card.


  1. “Bug matching” exercise.
  2. Class colouring competition (black and white bug print-outs)
  3. In pods, create a role play: A trip to the doctor (for a vaccination).


A. What are vaccines? They help protect us from diseases.

B. What can we do to prevent COVID-19? Hand washing, social distancing, wearing masks, sneezing into a tissue, or your elbow, asking a asking a doctor, nurse or pharmacists for advice if we are sick etc.

Sample Lesson Plan - SARS-CoV-2

10-12 years


Play the vaccine introduction video OR explain the immune system:

  1. Explain that immune system attacks any harmful bugs that enter the body.

  2. One way we can protect ourselves is by helping our immune system stay strong – by eating well and getting enough sleep.

  3. Another way is through vaccination – which can help prevent us getting sick.

  4. When the vaccine is injected into the body our immune system makes lots of antibodies which are then ready to fight a disease if they “see” it again, but before it has a chance to make us sick.

  5. Sometimes our immune system needs a “reminder” and this is why some vaccinations require “booster” injections.


  1. The doctor who discovered vaccinations was called Edward Jenner who discovered the first vaccine, for a disease called smallpox.

  2. Vaccines are given via a small needle into the upper arm. The needle has a hollow centre and was invented by an Irish man!! (Irish Vaccine Heroes resource). We’ll learn about him later in a comprehension exercise.

  3. Discuss with the class their experiences of immunisations, which vaccinations they remember getting and when they got them.

  4. Explain that diseases like polio and measles are now much less common due to vaccinations.

  5. Remind students that sometimes “bugs” change which affects how our bodies recognise them (their “clothes”). This means that scientists may have to make a new vaccine e.g. like the flu vaccine that is developed every year.

  6. Explain that although COVID-19 can make some of us very unwell, there are things we can do to prevent this happening. Encourage class discussion around what can be done to prevent COVID-19 transmission:

a. Handwashing

b. Social distancing c. Masks

  1. Show the group the “superbug” SARS-CoV-2 fact card.

a. Discuss the most common symptoms


  1. Read the story of famous Irish doctor, Dr Francis Rynd (Irish Vaccines Heroes resource) and answer the comprehension questions.

  2. Students could find out more about the following as part of a classroom/ homework project:

  3. Other vaccine-preventable diseases

  4. Other famous Irish doctors/scientists like,
    Dr Dorothy Stopford Price, Dr Kathleen Lynn, Dr Mike Ryan (WHO).


A. What are vaccines? They are dead or very weak versions of the “bug” that causes the disease.

B. What famous Irish inventor did we learn about today, where was he from and what did he invent? Dr Francis Rynd, Co. Meath, the hollow needle.

C. What are some of the symptoms of COVID-19? Fever, dry cough, tiredness.

You can see the full range of Pfizer activities here:


I wonder do the little Heroes get to bring home free Home DIY PCR test kits for all the family?

Such a cool idea, and then they could bring back the bi-weekly family specimens like the proverbial young scientist they’ll be the next day to school for collection. We’d have the best little test system in the world.

A little NPHET recruit in every home.

Tony’s Army.

The Game Of Life!

Any progress made on this issue by the minions of The Menace or have the parents exerted their inalienable authority?

Latest Highwire Broadcast: First half hour - Seems like a great school! :white_check_mark:

The girl had, through her mother, sued the Minister for Health, the HSE, and Glaxosmithkline Biologicals SA (GSK) – the producer of Pandemrix.

GSK was previously given an indemnity by the State concerning any adverse reactions to the vaccine. Mediation between the sides took place and a determination was issued last month which was before the court yesterday for approval.

A warning from (recent) history. And the manufacturers won’t be seen for dust

Gob Rule

History repeating itself today in spades.

Anecdotally thus far, there may be a majority of parents who are fully demoralised, and as such, are easily controlled with a few keywords disseminated in the media, the rule of law has collapsed.

It’s now Gob rule.

Whomever can command the longest and most persistent drone beamed toward the the crowd, controls the island, controls the peoples minds it seems, and can easily slip past the defences to get right at the children.

Now, a quick spin to the regime shill infested water of boards to see how things are going:

These appear to be teachers:

Teach #1

How is mask wearing in children worse than physically restraining them in a car or a buggy?

No one wants to be wearing masks but we do it to keep each other safe.

What is the alternative? That we stay at home and go back to online learning. IMO they should be wearing them from Junior infants up but from 3rd class up is a good start.

I would do anything to keep schools open - they are better off in school wearing masks than at home not wearing them. Local arrangements can apply if children have hearing impairments or special needs - schools are used to differentiating accordingly based on the child’s individual needs - this would be no different.

Teach #2

“I teach 5th class. Today there were 22 kids present (the rest off sick). 19 of them wore masks. We all survived grand. People totally underestimate kids.”

Src: To Mask or not to two - Mask Megathread cont. - Page 185 — - Now Ye're Talkin'

Bullies Are Cowards, Politicians are Cowards

As has been the case since the very beginning, the regime are measuring how little they have to do to get people to comply, so much ground work and conditioning they have managed to instill, with every move, stretch and nudge has been expertly tailored and configured, with perfect after perfected media release and timing but always relentlessly (but always using tension and release… did you enjoy your summer lull?), but it’s easy when you control all the media.

So no awards are given for using a disingenuous monopoly to monopolise the airwaves yea.

The regime will now have rolling data on the ratio of willing and unwilling parents, the ratio of their success, the ratio of the work left to do, they will formulate media plans and strategies to divide and conquer the remaining pockets of parents of resistance.

Do not be surprised to see parents characterised as extremists and right-wingers, diners etc. etc. and maybe even pitched against each other on various media platforms , and then perhaps even battles fought viscerally through the children or at school gates, with more stories of subversive parents, schools considering security details, let’s see what they pull out of the one-trick-playbook… as those children, let us not forget, in the minority without masks are now potentially bullied or shunned by the peer group, as the masked resent their parents who have abandoned them to torture, they may begin to turn on the umasked who represent everything they haven’t got, and try an exact a kind of revenge to bring them down to their level of woe and abandonment, think about the vast sociological conditioning this will produce at this formative age, it’s off the charts evil evil evil, they are incubating an army of tyrants and hysterical pavlovian trigger futureGob rule enforcers - this is a controlled civil war, a controlled demolition, with a clear detailed desired outcome that have SFA to do with “safety” and all the original soft focus sell in 2020.

The Honeymoon is over, they are within an inch of getting the needle into the children, primary school is the new clockwork orange.

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Ok, that really din’t take too long is out of the traps:

Anti-mask groups used Telegram to bombard National Parents Council over child facemask rules

…While some of the calls and emails may have been legitimate, there is evidence of a coordinated campaign designed by far-right Covid deniers to bombard the NPC, which is the only representative organisation for parents of children in primary school.

… “If you’re getting hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of emails every couple of minutes, you’re not going to be able to then find the real person who’s looking for genuine information. It’s so much easier for genuine calls and emails to fall through the cracks.

“It’s a targeted campaign of harassment. It’s the National Parents Council today with somebody else tomorrow because these people are like piranhas swimming around and just latching on to the next hate figure that they have conjured up.”

So the thejunkie is basically elevateing this infamous operators Nov 27th twitter run:

There is an ongoing, high volume and coordinated effort on anti lockdown and far right adjacent Telegram groups over the past few days to target the National Parents’ Council Primary (NPC).

Do the NPC even know this, before giving comment?

…Irish ‘concerned parents’ sounding suspiciously like a right-wing vigilante group with militarist fantasy’s ‘Last line of defence’ ‘Take any necessary action’ This is a coordinated effort to wipe up those in the group and to intimidate letter recipients at schools.

A Most excellent suggestion!

We need to balance this coordinated anti mask campaign by one of our own - email to lend our support for the mask wearing advice for 3rd class and above during this wave of the pandemic

:man_facepalming: They got a dose of the ISAG’s going’ on here.

Archive the whole thing below:

There is an ongoing, high volume and coordinated effort on anti lockdown and far right adjacent Telegram groups over the past few days to target the National Parents’ Council Primary (NPC).

Do the NPC even know this, before giving comment?

Parents ‘will not send children to school’ if mandatory face masks introduced, groups warn Nphet recommends students aged nine or over should wear masks indoors

Some background. This coordination against any measures that might better protect children and education workers in education settings is rooted in the belief that Covid is false.

And that lawyersforjustice @ Yahoo dot com are real.

See this template letter from Oct 2021

This is from a Telegram group set up to attract anxious Irish parents.

It has over 2,200 members (w 200+ online right now)

It’s dripping with stuff like this from Alex Jone’s InfoWars

“FDA Documents Show Pfizer Secretly Added Heart Attack Drug to Children’s COVID Vaccines”

Also full of posts from “Covid Red Pills”, which is quite simply about using covid anxieties and conspiracy to push people to more explictly far right narratives.


In a clear demonstration of the feedback loops, these groups are seeing the results of their coordinated effort reported in national newspapers, claiming it as a win and pushing to keep up the momentum.

See the comments on the Indo’s recent report below Image

Here there is sharing across Telegram groups of template letter. I havent d/led but ni previous experience its quite likely any legal advice is bogus at best

Also saying NPC phonelines are being overrun.

“Camps might be coming but sitting doing nothing wont help. If u are posting here they know who u are anyway. No time for cowards or talk just action. Email. Red pill. Protest. Social media. Letters . Quadruple it our children need this”

‘Camps’ ‘red pill’ are red flags here. Image

So those template letters have A LOT of red flags

“If we are the last line of defence of the children of this School and in this country, then so be it. We are prepared to stand up to protect the children of this School and this country and take any necessary action to do so” Image

Irish ‘concerned parents’ sounding suspiciously like a right-wing vigilante group with militarist fantasy’s

‘Last line of defence’

‘Take any necessary action’

This is a coordinated effort to wipe up those in the group and to intimidate letter recipients at schools.

Key to understanding the dynamics within and across Telegram groups. Most people are anonymous to each other. So people are claiming things, sharing things, provoking others and coordination/being led.
All without any of the social cues, friction or consequences of public speech

Far right activists from Barrett’s fascist group NP have made a list of Telegram channels together showing what groups they are active in as of Oct 2021. It includes many channels targetting schools, teacher unions and parents orgs.

I’ve redacted the links.

I mentioned Lawyer For Justice up the thread.

They were set up by Tracey O’Mahony, who has been very close with white nationalists and hate organisers the last few years.

C/w antisemitism

Shane Mason, anti semite, homophobe and National Party member chatting with fellow white nationalists in UK and US about using Telegram groups to normalise hate organising.

Remember, just because someone dressed up their hate in legal-sounding language, it’s still rooted in hate.

O’Mahoney claiming that paedophilia is being planned (by teachers? unions? ??) in schools in Ireland.

Same person drafting template ‘legal complaints’ for others.

Irish Teachers/Parents group on Telegram.

Pretty sure ‘Tommy Robinson News’ isn’t a good source of education or health besides learning to be a nasty racist.

“Anti-Covid groups used Telegram to bombard National Parents Council over child facemask rules”

Good to see this covered but I hope the @thejournal_ie change this headline and opening para. Who in the world isn’t anti-covid?

Anti-mask groups used Telegram to bombard National Parents Council over child facemask rules The council has received thousands of calls and emails.

OC many parents have real fears. No suggestion here those fears don’t exist or shouldn’t be addressed

You know what doesn’t help real fears?

Politically motivated snake oil chaos merchants making up shit abt masks, covid hoaxes and state communism.

Src: Thread by @soundmigration on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App

why the hell would you give kid s a vaccine when it probably wont work on omicron?

also isnt it all just too early to tell

No probably about it. Moderna CEO says it doesn’t work on Omicron.

The Regime Is all about Your Children

The Covidian High Priests know what’s best for your children unquestionably, once again, and very suddenly.

New measures for children

Socialisation among children is one of the major areas being addressed by the Governments new measures.

New Measures :mask: same as Old Measures :mask: that do not work

Also, these measures are designed to continue to inflict deep traumatic conditioning techniques on innocent children during their uniquely precious formative years, and by some accounts this week, many are now virtually orphaned to the Regimes desires.

Approved at Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting was the National Public Health Emergency Team recommendation that children aged nine and over wear masks in school, on public transport, in retail settings and other indoor environments.

This new recommendation is temporary and will be reviewed in February next year.

Has this been included in The Final Rule legislation that is due to be voted on in a few weeks… but thank goodness it will be temporary with a review! :partying_face:

As well as mask wearing, the Government has also asked for parents to reduce the amount of socialising for their children aged 12 and younger.

Parents are being asked to prioritise their children’s activities to what matters most to them in bid to minimise indoor gatherings in the run-up to Christmas.

This includes, avoiding where possible, nativity plays, sleepovers, indoor parties, and play dates.

Dr Tony Holohan said he is hopeful the new measures will make a difference.

Speaking about the latest measures, Dr Tony Holohan said they are not what people want to hear at this time of year.

“Our priority continues to be to minimise risk and protect as many people as possible from severe illness,” Dr Holohan said.

"In a very short period of time, we have seen a significant and rapid deterioration in the epidemiological situation, in the as-yet-unvaccinated 5 – 11-year-olds.


Snakes can talk. :snake:

“This has resulted in a sharp increase in incidence in this age group,” he added.

“We have conducted countless unnecessary and invasive tests on heathy children day in day out… to pump up the “case” numbers to create a false dilemma, to allow us manufacture consent (from parents) to do as we please with all their children.”

“These measures are not what any of us want to hear, particularly at this time of year. We know that it adds an additional burden at what has been a very difficult time for all of us, particularly those with young families.”

“I am hopeful that if we all make a concerted effort to follow these measures for at least the next two weeks, we can make a real difference to incidence of disease in this cohort and in the wider public”

2 weeks = trolling :japanese_goblin:

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Merry Christmas Children

European countries can legally require childhood vaccinations, the European Court of Human Rights ruled on Thursday. The decision covers preschool vaccinations for children, but it could also have an impact on the EU’s battle to control the COVID-19 pandemic.

Compulsory vaccines can be seen as “necessary in a democratic society,” the Strasbourg-based court said in its ruling, which came on a 16-1 vote.

A Czech man had challenged his country’s vaccine requirement for young children, after being fined for refusing to have his son and daughter vaccinated against tetanus, hepatitis B and polio. The plaintiff, Pavel Vavricka, said the law infringed on his family’s right to a private life. Five other families filed similar suits after their children were denied admission to preschools or nurseries.

The human rights court agreed that vaccine obligations place a burden on an individual, but it added that the societal benefits outweigh that burden.

The Czech Republic’s laws require children to receive two combination vaccines to protect against a number of diseases, according to public broadcaster Czech Television.

Calling vaccines “one of the most successful and cost-effective health interventions” known to medicine, the court noted that the dynamics of herd immunity make it important to achieve a high rate of vaccination.

The inability of some children to be vaccinated for medical reasons, the court said, makes it more important to reach “a very high vaccination rate” to protect against contagious diseases.

Thursday’s decision is the first time the European rights court has ruled on compulsory vaccinations, according to Deutsche Welle and other European media outlets.

In addition to ruling on privacy grounds, the court also rejected the argument from several of the plaintiffs that the EU’s guarantee of freedom of religion and belief protects their position against the vaccines.

According to the ruling, the plaintiffs failed to prove their opinion about vaccines “was of sufficient cogency, seriousness, cohesion and importance so as to constitute a conviction or belief” under the European constitution’s Article 9 protections.

All of the Czech cases were filed years before the COVID-19 pandemic, but the ruling comes as many countries — in Europe and around the world — look for ways to ensure their populations attain high vaccination levels. Many of those efforts are running up against skepticism, fueled by misinformation and concerns that the vaccines’ development might have been rushed.

A large part of the U.S. population is also reluctant to receive COVID-19 vaccines: 1 in 4 Americans say they would refuse vaccination outright, according to a recent NPR/Marist poll.

13 Days & Counting

EU brings forward Covid shot for younger children

The rollout of the paediatric version of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine will begin on December 13th. Photo: PA Images

01/12/2021 | 11:26 AM

The European Union-wide rollout of Pfizer/BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine for children aged five to 11 will begin on December 13th, one week earlier than previously planned, Germany’s health ministry has confirmed.

“Given the current pandemic situation, this is good news for parents and children. Many are awaiting this eagerly,” acting health minister Jens Spahn said in the statement.

A BioNTech spokesperson confirmed the earlier launch, adding it was contingent on the production batch passing quality control checks early next week.

The rollout will be brought forward without an impact on agreed delivery volumes thanks to “a massive effort including weekend work” on the part of Pfizer and BioNTech staff, the company added.

Last week, the EU approved the use of the low-dose vaccine version the cohort, following authorisation in May to give the standard adult dosage to children 12 years and older.

The virus is now spreading faster in Europe than in other parts of the world, prompting a scramble to encourage non-vaccinated adults to get the jabs, to get a campaign for third booster doses off the ground and to inoculate children.

Infections among school children have soared in Ireland, prompting the introduction of increased measures to curb transmission rates.

From Wednesday, children in third class in primary school and up will be required to wear a face covering while at school unless they have an exemption from a doctor.

Elsewhere, the US started distributing the paediatric version of the Pfizer shot in early November, followed by Canada in mid-November.


I heard Sister Norma Foley’s interview on the Radio at 1. Real car crash stuff.

If school is so dangerous to children that they need to wear masks…then why would you let your children go to school?

Unless it’s for baby sitting ? But then why would you let your children be babysat around so many (agressive low-iq) foreigners

Real quick switch a roo today in the headlines to fix the blame on Foley and create a phone war about the implementation, no debate in the issue. Initially it was Hololhan and other generic headlines.

It’s all of them, and the ones you never get to see, happy to abuse the nations children and put the poison into their bodies.

They made the schools the new frontline last week and the language here betrays the whole truth.

It really is time for parents to stand up against this nonsense!
If the sheep move where the sheepdog sends them, they can be pushed anywhere.

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That headline implies that parents via their children and their children, have been deemed the enemy by the regime.

Only armies are asked to “stand down”, to diffuse a conflict before it kicks off and to as a tactic of civer for the true aggressor.

Things are becoming very dangerous.

It’s a PSYOP the child wants to wear a mask as a coming of age symbol sure his big brother is wearing one mam wears one why the fuck can’t I wear one,
We gave an inch and lost a world.