Valuation Calculator - Free Download!

Hi All,

Was thinking it would be a good idea to try create a excel type file that spits out some metrics worth considering when looking at buying.

I’ve made a start at it but am no expert - so i was thinking if i stick it on the pin with a little bit of collaboration from knowledgable pinsters it could end up as something that might be useful to people (by useful i mean a good starting point for someone thinking about buying but either too busy or not well up enough to clearly consider some common valuation metrics widely used - might help more people approach the issue from a more cold and calculated perspective).

I’ve posted it via google docs - please feel free to download (and change/correct in any way you wish, then upload to google docs and re-post a link to edited version)

Here is file i created

(excel 2007) … MmNj&hl=en

(excel 2003) … MjI0&hl=en

Here is details of how to upload files to google docs and create link to share … swer=50092

Any feedback please post


looks good…

If what might be considered to be output norms could be put somewhere on the sheet it would be useful for comparison.
Perhaps even calculate the input as a percentage of norms?

Thats what i tried to put in the column called ‘Historic Average’ - just kind of threw the figures in though, must look up some research

Dont do it, Its a Trojan!!!

Only jokin lol.

I quite like it actually though Id really love it to include a calculation of what you stand to save if you overpay

here is one with a macro that shows some figures if waiting 6 or 12 months (make sure you enable macros-- i promise its not a trojan!), press the ‘Run Hold-Off Analysis’ button to run … ZjJl&hl=en

sorry - you need to save that file to your computer for the macro to work i think

Good work Andrew, like layout…

I started work on this last week but had a seperate sheet for every year for comparison purposes based on some assumptions

(Mortgage broker report had me thinking about higher costs of Credit going forward), but I got pulled away doing other personal stuff…

look at latr…


I luv it thank you very much. At the moment the numbers I’m entering show me that I would be using over 45% of income (after bills) on a mortgage. This is really useful to help me work what I need to be saving for a deposit in order to ensure I don’t end up over stretching my self.

thanks again - brilliant !

anyone any views on what the “Correct” level of the following metrics should be for some sort of normality?

Gross Yield
Net Yield
Price/Rent Ratio
Lending Multiples
anything else i might have missed

noticed a little proble with the macro, updated version below … ZWRk&hl=en