Valuation methods:the Irish are Europe's misty-eyed spoofers

Unfortunately there is no actual discussion of valuation methods. That may be a step to far for property supplement readers…

I like this article. It’s like Dom is no longer misty eyed himself.

No, I found it more of a light hearted read about the daftness (standard no pun intended) of the whole situation. I enjoyed it so keep it up D and get the message of the madness out there. Granted you’ll be jumping back into the madness a lot sooner than most here would believe prudent but everyones circumstances are different. I wouldn’t rate you too highly as an expert in the pauperty market (see what I did there, you can use that one) but as an everyday punter I enjoyed your read, especially regarding commuting. It might save someone in the future from being sold some property equivalent of snake oil.

I think it’ll be interesting to see how long the article runs for.

Good point - I was thinking myself how far they would let him run with it.

If he keeps wiriting articles like this he is sure for the chop soon, I mean the impertinence of the chap to suggest that vendors are still trying to fleece buyers… … 73095.html