Value this - One Meadow Avenue

I would appreciate any opinions regarding what this house is worth.

3 Bed, 1 Bath listed with 1,022 Sq. Feet.

Based on building costs (March 2009, these rates may be lower now)

1022 sq ft @ €195 per sq ft = €199,290

Add €15,529 for garage gives a total of approx €215,000

Is the remained of the price down to site value?

I would say it’d go for about 425K

I have to say the Dublin market really has a life of its own,the prices are still crazy looking from over the water,you could get a similar semi like this anywhere in the UK for £150-£200,000 depending on the location.

Half a million(soon to be pounds) for a similar house in Dublin,hmmm its going to be very interesting to see which way this pans out,but when the money King and Co are printing finally hits the streets I think the UK is going to have another repetition of the 1970’s all over again,and UK prices are going to take off bigstyle.

History repeating itself,there’s nothing new under the sun as they say.

“Is the remained of the price down to site value?”

It’s the ‘D14’ factor!

Anyway - I have dibs on this house as it’s around the corner from my folks! :slight_smile:
But since I can’t afford anywhere close to 495K I may just have to let this one go!

Sorry, when you say prices are going to take off bigtime, do you mean the price of houses are going to up in the UK?
Excuse me if I’m missing a joke somewhere.

Nice house…good location…reasonably priced for the area…compares favourably to others for sale…€480k will get it for you.

Your folks must be freakin’ loaded dude! Combined income of 170k a year yeah?


Yes I think UK prices will eventually rise to the insane levels of Ireland.This is the economic model being pursued by the ECB and the Bank of England.

The folks bought their house for 1,700 in 1962! :slight_smile: Most definitely NOT loaded! (Unfortunately!)

Nominally, perhaps.
But if a 3-bed terrace goes to £1m then a loaf of bread will cost £100k.

Mervyns money is going nowhere, I fail to understand why people dont get this; The QE money is not sitting in bank vaults waiting to be loaned out, its shoring up the banks balance sheets.

This is the analogue of the hare-brained ‘wall of money’ theory from the stockmarkets.
Its just not there Prof.
It just isnt.

Congratulations,I make that a compound interest rate of 12.8% for 47 years.That is an amazing return.Averaged out over the period,it means it roughly doubled in price every six years.

Can anyone recommend any investment that will deliver returns like that with the knowledge that central banks will move heaven and earth and tax future generations into the poorhouse to ensure it pays off?

No,I don’t think so,betting against a housing bubble is like an individual taking on the central banks of the world,who has the most money?So who is likely to win?

Until people wrest control of bankster controlled puppet governments and the control of money supply from banksters,nothing will change.The earliest presidents of the US foresaw this and spent nearly two hundred years trying to stop banksters getting the control of money issuance,they ultimately lost.

We now have economies and societies that reflect the worst imaginable horrors foreseen by those presidents.
Try and explain that to your parents.

I think I would buy this one instead:
slightly smaller but only half the price.

The asking price is ridiculous.

Seems to me that (some) Irish people just don’t yet.

The value of property as an investment has greatly diminished and will remain unattractive for the foreseeable future.

Now is the time to sell not to buy.

Wake up time people.

I know the market in Dublin 16 quite well. I would not buy now but if I wanted to buy I would buy your usual 3-bed semi just like the above in D16 for about 290k I´d say (only most sellers now are only willing to take a minimum of about 350 I´d say). So, taking into account that the OP´s house has a garage and it´s near Dundrum, I would add in some 50k for that, so I personally would buy this at about 340. Can I just add that 4-bed houses just up the road in D18 with long big garden are now going for under 400k (I know this is Dundrum and you have to add in a premium for it and all that).

Ans, as I always say, this is only a personal opinion and is not bsed in any valuation formula of any kind.

Thanks for the opinions, its interesting to see the huge variation in what people think the house is worth.

To PROFESSORI, I am willing to bet that Irish wages haven’t increased at 12.8% per annum over the last 47 years!
If wages only rose at 4% each year then this house would be 3 times as dear as it should be??

To Crash and burn, so you think I could get as much as 15K off the price, it must definately be a buyers market.

What’s wrong with you? You’ve been around here as long as I have and you’ve learned absolutely nothing. You should really stop and consider when you are handing out your bad advise. These are real people who could end loosing a fortune due to your eccentricity.

That house is not worth 480,000. I grew up in the area and I know the house. When the dust settles it will be worth 250,000 max. Ignore CrashAndBurn. Back before the crash, to the uninitiated he seemed to be the lucid smart guy and guys like me were a bit off. Now I’ve been proved correct and C&B and been proven wrong he has become the nut job. I suppose you can’t fault him for giving it a go.