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What struck me though was the asking rental price for a property such as this ( although shy with the photos) Surely a place like this is setting a new lowering of the benchmark for both rental and sale prices
Given the *’ multiple of annual rent’ *model, does this not then come in **under **the million? and surely, even today, that is value? … ock/217077

My answer would be yes and no.
At another time it may have been a bargin to rent, I’ve considered similar properties in my own area in Kilkenny but the truth that everyone is aware of when renting such old world gems is the heating cost.

In time these beauties will be the last to rent and probably turn to ruin, think of Georgian dublin in the 80s.

No asking prices actually follow that model. If this were for sale i’m guessing would be in the 2.5 -3M asking area. They are probably renting until the market recovers don’t you know.

I’ve lived in old houses with no central heating. It can be cold, but just layer up and is OK. A big open fire goes a long way for the communal area.