"Van Neis", Scholarstown Road (-2250k, -64%)


5th May 2008

* Price changed: from '€3,500,000' to 'Region €2,800,000'

26 October 2007

* Initial entry found.

Odd, I know this area pretty well and never noticed this house. Maybe it’s hidden from the road.

Big house, big, big price. You’d get a substantial D4/D6 redbrick for that. I think this is what a €1m Dublin home should look like. Maybe €1.5m.

Yuk :frowning:

Faux American Tribute to Pastiche Victorian Tudor with a hint of Lutyens

How utterly tasteless

What is the giant marble thing in picture 14 supposed to be?

maybe it’s a support beam?

Even with my limited asthetic sensibilities I shuddered looking at that

I see this is now down to Region €2,400,000 - nearly a third off the original price.


Truly ugly house. Would have been better with about 2000 sq ft of well designed well proportioned space. I doubt there could have been an architect involved in the design of this.

I hope if I ever have €2m+ to spend on a house I wont end up in a characterless mcmansion on a characterless edge of Dublin like this.

Gaudy McMansion fail.

Needs more stone lions, fountains, columns and arches.


that giant marble thing in the middle of the room on picture 14 is the sacrificial altar where FTBs where ritually slaughtered to feed the god of boom while the coven of VIs danced manicaly around in circles.

Another 50k off.

14 October 2008
* Price changed: from ‘Price On Application’ to ‘Region €2,350,000’

The property bee says this for me:

It won’t necessarily pick up all price drops - it depends on when you viewed the property in the past.

Perhaps they should offer a free lowered-suspension Range Rover V8 (Project Kahn) with crome alloys and red leather seats for the lucky buyer.


Dropped another 400k

Total drop 1550k now (44%)

Now 1.8 m

myhome.ie/residential/search … FJAY393558

Total drop of 1.7m or 49%

Sq. Metres: 372 (Sq. Feet: 4004.17) @ €1.8m

€4,839 per sq m


€450 per sq ft

Another 350k chopped off the price.

Now 1450k - down a total of 2050k (58.5% drop)

Appears the change of agent didn’t work yet

myhome.ie/residential/search … FJAY393558

€362.50 per sq foot.

Also available to let for 4k a month…

So €672k value if we use a 14x multiplier.