Vanquishing the Middle Men

nice find
was just looking up the spec on a specialist sound card today and one thing struck me; the OEM was selling it direct off their site, everybodies at it. A few years ago I would have had to go through a couple of middlemen to get that and pay a lot more

I remember 15 years ago, internet chat programes were promoted as being able to talk to people from across the world, and indeed that was true.

15 years of technological advances later, and we have almost devolved. Now, instead of talking to people from around the world, fora / facebooks etc focus more readily on your country/county/area or group of friends.

Similarly, while a few years ago people could go on the internet to see which random international company could provide them with the best deal, they now seem to go onto a specific site (e.g. for plane tickets ryanair etc). Also, internet middlemen have sprung up as a virtual replacement to real middlemen.