Varadkar, right now, is the Leader WEF need

Anne Harris simultaneously channelling the spirits of Walter Duranty and a celebrity crazed teenage girl.
It really is something.

Probably the most important thing in the whole lot:

There he announced all-out war on the housing crisis. Not only is he going to run over, through and around every enemy of planning and house building like a Panzer tank, he is going to personally oversee it, a latter-day Rommel in the housing desert.

This should scare the shyte out of ye all, with past record, all the things you know and have witnessed, they are working over time on the agenda, this confirms what is coming which has already been pointed out. A full and total land grand for mass mass building the likes you have never seen in Ireland. It’s going to decimate the social order.

The occupational regime is going to level Ireland, it’s lawlessness knows no bounds.

In Lodge.

The George will be next.

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Prepare for incoming.

Everyone forgets how insecure Tik Tok is and probably easily exploited by those with knowledge of ahem, backdoors

Dec 2nd

It was also possible the George leak was a box of tricks operation, but who really knows, other than don’t have it on any of your devices.

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Seeing that the head of the Gardai is undoubtedly a UK intelligence asset this didn’t surprise me much.

Michael Martin has been a TD for, wait for it… 33 years. :whistle:

might as well start as you mean to continue

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Still fake and gay.

He started the day by prayers at a pyramid :clown_face::clown_face:

Now you know why Bert I moved to remove capital punishment via referendum, Bert II giving thanks.