Varadkar: We may need second bailout

Varadkar: We may need second bailout → … 06852.html

There will be no second bailout.

There was no first bailout.

Oh Leo… send in the puppy wha ?

Mr. Honohan has weighed in essentially confirming Mr. Varadkar’s statements.
(Today FM news).

He did say that people sometimes say things they regret saying later…

Yeah, it can’t count as a gaffe, if it’s something everybody already knows…
With bond yields at >11% we won’t be returning to the markets any time soon.

Here we go again, Morgan Kelly will be hopping up and down.

I don’t think Varadkar is a politician

  • He slagged Garret
  • He reserved judgement on the woman who was obviously going to be the European nominee for the World Bank. You can imagine the discussions around the salons of Europe “wait a sec guys theres a bungling transport minister in Ireland who is reserving judgement, we should hold on”
  • Now this. Bad judgement it seems.

he’s starting to look like another Deasy.

Ah, I get you now, you’re arguing for the status quo of spin and misinformation to continue. Thanks for that, for a while there I thought you were interested in transparency and change.

More shooting of the messenger :unamused:

The fact of the matter is then ranks of MK Ultra are swelling.

So the comments on Lagarde. That was helpful was it? Was that “transparency and change”?
It’s my idea of transparently stupid.

Edit: I forgot his carry on in the Enda putsch. Another bungle.

To me he appears to have no social intelligence. A backwoodsman FG would be preferable. That ex-football manager in Mayo is a better politician.

M. Lagarde has a publicly stated position on Ireland that contrasts sharply with the IMF’s current view of what should be done. I consider his statement that he has reservations to be appropriate from an Irish perspective. You bemoan the lack of people fighting Ireland’s corner, when somebody does it, you call it stupid.

It’s stupid because it is akin to an empty threat. What’s he going to do exactly with his reservations from an Irish perspective?

You don’t make empty threats in a big deal. If you do that you lose credibility.
If he’d ever done a big deal he’d know this.

Big deals are full of empty threats.

In any case, I don’t see this one as being empty. A country losing faith in its ‘bailout’ process results in an Argentina. That kind of failure is not tolerable (even to those on the outside). It has taken the IMF a long time to recover from their failures in Argentina, indeed some will argue that it hasn’t so far recovered.

Varadkar talking down the economy tut tut…we need to ask ourselves what would Bertie do ! Remember he said if he was back in charge he would have the country back ship shape

I know!!!

Sweet Jesus!

If the first LOAN and it’s USURY interest rate is considered a bailout… what will a second look like?

A sell-out? :unamused:

Yes he would! (I couldn’t resist)

This about someone who is inexperienced, promoted to cabinet too soon and speaking without consulting cabinet colleagues on a matter that is not his cabinet brief.

Yea experience look where that got us. Move along your point has failed.

Excuse me for expecting a base level of competence and adherence to cabinet confidentiality.
You may find the indication of ‘Let a thousand flowers bloom’ thinking comforting. I don’t.