Vast asking price differences in Brittas Bay Village

I was trawling daft earlier today and stumbled upon this anomaly…

4 holiday homes which for all intents and purposes are identical (the most expensive is a WC short of the rest), ranging in price from 225K - 385K and all on with Sherry Fitz.

The guy at number 6 is in for a real wake up call!

EDIT: title changed to add “asking” price

Alternatively, he might give the guy who owns number 15, the real wake up call… :nin

But the thing is they’re only asking prices and mean nothing in reality. They’re not “vast price differences”, they’re “vast ASKING price differences”. Now if all through actually sold for hugely varying amounts, I’d call that an anomaly - as it stand it’s just 3 different sellers in different stages of awareness or denial.

I completely agree - and the title in that sense is entirely misleading, apologies for the oversight… (mods - possible to correct?)

I still think that it is staggering that 4 properties a stones throw from each other at such varying asking prices - as you say maybe different levels of denial… or possibly desperation??

Edit your post (the first one in the thread) and change the title - that’s where the thread title is picked up from. All posts and threads are just nmbrs to us…

There is an estate near me like this. Vastly different asking prices for essentially the same house.

You’ll find that over time, the cheap asking prices come and go, while the expensive ones just lounge around on daft for years!

This ad has number 34 at €450k :open_mouth:

Ah yes but it has its own tennis court :laughing:

If I remember correctly these were built around the millenium and flogged by Sherry Fitz. I remember asking about them at the time, they were selling off plans for £120k or thereabouts. The reason I remember them is because I think the builder jacked up the prices from 90k to 120k on the day they went on sale, due to the demand.

Looks to me like people are trying to cash in while there’s still plenty of gravy in the pan :smiley:

If they are built anything like the ones I remember looking at, they are shitboxes.

Management fees, second home fees and soon to be second home water charges. Simply gorgeous!