Vat is this worth for the crack?

This is on Dolphin Barn’s doorstep literally, they are neighbours. Check out google maps to confirm, but having said that seems the cheapest four bed by a long way in the area. Two questions, how dodgy is it and what is it really wort? I am thinking around 89K as a pure wild guess?

I agree under 100, theres a thread about overrated/underrated areas where someone suggested Rialto was better than it used to be.

I knew lads (French) who lived on New Ireland Rd around 1998 and never had a problem, they quite enjoyed the shocked response from Irish people who asked where they lived.
A friend currently lives near Rialto Luas stop and likes it.
That place really is in the belly of the beast though.

Check out Google Streetview!!!

The neighbours across the road seem to be “known to the Guards”! … .32,0,9.5

I know the area very well. There is a world of difference between New Ireland Road and Herberton Park. Don’tgo near it. There are several empty houses on Herberton Park,there is a reason. You must ask yourself why,as the houses themselves are nice enough.
What’s it worth? To me? Nothing.

Jaysus, when it takes two cars, a paddy wagon and 8 coppers to do a house call it’s not a good sign! :open_mouth:

[Edit] Only 7 coppers, bad stitch on the photo, that’s not so bad so. :smiley:

I see they’ve got the back covered in case their friend does a legger.

I’d knock 20k off the asking price for each cop required.

If you look really carefully at the guards in the photo, body posture, stance etc. - they all look totally relaxed- so maybe it’s their ‘tea-house’ or some such

For the crack? It could be quite handy for crack.

That is so funny great timing by Google maybe it’s a regular thing …

my offer here would be 850 euro, 6 milsch cows, 1 light pig and a small horse…no more…no less…

Looks like someone left their car out in the rain for too long.

(Swivel the map view at:,+Dublin,+Ireland&sll=53.800651,-4.064941&sspn=14.253717,39.506836&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=8+Herberton+Park,+Dublin+8,+County+Dublin,+Ireland&t=h&layer=c&cbll=53.335002,-6.296907&panoid=k8LkzKFCYpT6eJcupxUdXw&cbp=12,197.32,0,9.5&ll=53.334951,-6.296826&spn=0.000716,0.001784&z=19)