Vendor may not move out

Ok… I have purchased a property after alot of heartache. Wouldnt have gone through so much if we didnt really want the house.
In short. Went sale agreed in November, they messed us around for a while pulled out, put it back up and went sale agreed again.

We are now at the state that we are due to close next week. Contracts have been fully signed and exchanged and my solicitor has been instructed to transfer the funds to the vendors solicitor the business day before. Which leaves us on closing date to finalise once the legal searches have been completed.

Got a mail from the EA saying she will prob vacate some time on the closing date.

My question is what position am i in if we have searches done by 11AM and she wont leave the property. ???

Time is of essense as we have movers with furniture coming at 2pm

You probably should reschedule the movers for the day after closing.

While I don’t know why you have decided on such a fine timeline … as with most things in life things don’t go as planned and there are far too many variables involved.

You have been advised by your solicitor that you might not have vacant possession until the end of the day … so you will be at the behest of the vendor being accommodating. You might need to make some plans for storing the furniture for an additional night.

In fact, I’d suggest leaving it for a few days after they leave in case the closing date gets pushed out.

Our solicitor has told us that the house will close by lunch time on the day.
its the EA that said she will vacate on the day.

I am going on holidays the next afternoon and due to circumstances I cant leave it until the next day to move furniture.

WE have been F****d around for over 7 months on this property and just want it finalised.

I though once contacts were signed and executed, funds have cleared and no issues arise with the title searches in the morning we have a done deal and they no longer own the property

they might not own it but still have possession.

you might be able to approach the vendor via the EA and see what they think of it? You never know the vendor may have already moved out and the spiders have the run of the house.

I find that direct conversations between people are more productive and helpful than solicitor to solicitor interactions etc.

When I closed on my house the paperwork wasn’t done until 5pm on a friday and was literally within minutes of not actually happening that day. With all the messing we didn’t get keys and it would have been the monday before we got them as the EA was closed. Fortunately we had meet the vendor previously and knew where they moved to so managed to get a set of keys from them for the weekend

Ah Tfp2000 I wish it was that simple.

if only we had a co-operative vendor

You will probably just have to rock up at 2pm and hope for the best then - be prepared for a bit of an argument and a lot of unpleasantness.

If I were you I would be more worried about having the sale closed as you expect by 11am … muprhy’s law will probably throw up an 11th hour requirement from the bank for clarification on something, a land registry search being late as the Co. Council are on an allocated all morning fag break … a courier being later with paperwork and a solicitor heading for an earlier lunch, calling in sick, playing an extra 9 holes etc …

you are giving yourself a window of three hours for all probably pitfalls to be hurdled? … at least try and arrange for the movers to arrive later in the day !!

When we bought our old house we thought we had it all planned perfectly. There was an Ikea sale that morning so we had hired a van from a place near the Ikea nearest our new house, spent the morning buying furniture. We got the call to say the sale had closed as we checked out, shortly before midday, and we arrived at the house a few minutes later to find the vendors still in there. They were in the process of packing but clearly were hours from being moved. We had to leave our van load of stuff and go get lunch, then hang about for ages waiting for them to get going. Then because they were feeling rushed, they left the place completely filthy and the entire front garden was filled with their rubbish.

The move took us a day longer than we’d planned as instead of being able to unload our purchases and go straight to our rental place to collect our stuff, we spent most of the afternoon doing nothing. And once they left I had to stay at the house to clean it, while my husband went to get our stuff alone. He couldn’t manage all of it himself, so we needed to hire the van for an extra day and finish moving the next day. The only good thing about it, was that the vendors forgot to get their stuff out of the attic, and the contents had value to them. So when they called the next day asking for their stuff, I made them clean their rubbish out of the garden before I let them gave them access to the house.

When we moved out, we made sure to give ourselves a week between when we moved and when the sale closed. A tight schedule is very stressful, even when everyone is trying their best to keep to plan. In your situation your vendor doesn’t seem to be, so if you can at all, you need to at least formulate a plan b, that sees you store your stuff and move after your holiday.


Actually when we picked up the keys … we went in to the house … had a good look around, drank a glass of wine and then went back to pack for a two week holiday. Used the holiday to allow cleaners, painters etc … to get the house as new, arranged for white goods to be delivered and other new furniture and when we got back from holiday arranged for the movers to bring all the rest of the stuff over …

Another vote for a postponement here. Speaking as someone who moved within the last few months, I wouldn’t underestimate the time it might take to clean a house to your own satisfaction. If you rock up on the day, and start moving beds and couches and tables into rooms that need to be thoroughly deep-cleaned, you’ll just end up doing the same work twice. If the vendor has played silly buggers to date, I’d lay good odds they won’t overdo the elbow grease on their way out the door.

I know this appears to add to your seven months of frustration, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Sorry to hear about all the moving trauma.

First thing though, doesn’t the Bibble forbade moving house and going to ikea to buy furniture on the same day? I’ve heard many crazy ideas but this! :frowning:

I’ve moved a lot. Moved house over Christmas/New Years ( it’s a great time to with the exceptions you don’t have a lto of daylight and you might be more tired so it will take a bit longer naturally).

Since I rent it’s part a feature of life and part my own way. Each time it’s more like a full on house move as you accrue furniture and what-not belongings. You need to give yourself time for anything like this. It’s not your typical transaction. If you think it will take X long where X is day, weesk months… then multiply it by 3!

The last move (still renting) has been the best. They took out all the furniture. WHoohohoho. We moved into the most empty place thus far adn the last one wasn’t bad either.

The things they don’t prepare you for in school wah… cause they haven’t a clue themselves! :unamused:

Based on my own recent purchase, I’d suggest a week.

It was 6 days after the first agreed closing date when I got keys, due to three different small things.