Vendors still in denial

Check out the link in DAFT. This says it all to me. Some Vendors are very much still in complete denial about the direction of the housing market.

The interior looks like something out of Father Ted :smiley:

Steady now.

Feel the non-glee force wash over you…

Seriously though: can we have a portion of the site devoted to those who wish to express glee at the popping of the bubble?

I mean look at the NAME of the site. It implies human agency in the breaking of the balloon (I’m not sure pins have any effect on bubbles, check it out next time you do the washing up in the sink).

I think a folder, or even a thread, of glee-tolerance would be good.

LOL! That is one trippy carpet in the living room

I’m sure the owner deserves to be handsomely rewarded for their dilligent efforts to preserve the original character of the property.

EDITED by TUG: You guys really aren’t playing ball. :unamused:


I didn’t name the site but I did have a hand in crafting the non-glee policy which is still the avowed policy of the site.

EDIT: Comments in this thread having been getting out of hand, please have full reference to the rules and policies in the Welcome forum and the non-glee policy when posting in this thread. Thanks, TUG.

Right behind you on the non-Glee.

But what about a bit of Schadenfreude? :wink:

If you want some all natural glee, chew on this.

That link isn’t working for me. But if it’s “natural” gum, then I’d guess it has bad taste in common with the house.

That stick seems particularly bitter… Oo-er! :wink: