Very interesting poll

From Magic Mums. One to keep an eye on. … f21b22cfc5

Useless poll. Should have been percentages.

10K under asking on a 1.5m house is hardly anything to poll about. But 10K under asking on a 60K house is noteworthy.

Mums are magic! What are you saying are you saying they are Wollies??? :astonished:

It’s hardly useless 23. It tells us that some people that are buying…are buying for less than the asking price.
One has bargained down between 150-200k off their property and
3 people have bargained over 200k off the asking price.
Why don’t you sign up and ask them what percentage that was…gimp.

I’m sorry you took my criticism of the poll to heart. Come here and let’s have a hug.

I’ll even wear my gimp mask if it turns you on.

Dates would be handy i.e. did they buy below asking this week or 2 years ago?

Haha ok 23 :slight_smile: Sorry

In fairness, I only said that the poll was interesting.

Especially when there are some on here determined to make everyone believe everything is going for OVER asking prices.

They don’t have an ‘over the asking’ option

is this the level of debate we’ve sunk to - namecalling when you don’t agree with someone.

I took it as a compliment relative to some things I’ve been called :wink: