Videos on daft, developers trying everything to shift units!

I just spotted videos on daft, including snazzy background music!

Looks like boom time for corporate video makers!

Where were the videos when they were promoting Belmayne :wink: Not sure they would be suitable for general viewing!

So they’re selling apartments and showing a video of houses?

Love the bath that you can only get into from one end! :unamused:

attached a waterslide to that end and we have a deal.

And it’s not a “bath” it is a “whirlpool enhanced ergonomic aqua bathing area”, at bath that you can only get into from one end would be silly.

I thought for a second the intro said ‘Welcome to Trumpton’.
Considering me aul chum Windy Millar’s monopoly in Camberwick Green I was getting a bit excited at the prospect of capturing the market in me own town.

Can’t see it…

Since Daft changed the way they handle images recently, I haven’t been able to view 80% of their images or videos

It’s an interesting approach, as it is far easier to be creative with still images than to do the same with video. That said I’m sure they’ll think of ways of compensating.

Like an ugly girl (or man for that matter), many abodes prefer the one photo taken when they were in their prime and sucking in their gut, to the comprehensive video showing them as they actually are.


That really is very funny!!!