View by invitation in Clontarf - new trend?

Any idea what the thinking is behind the strategy of viewing by invitation? Sherry Fitz were showing two houses this way last week (Kincora Grove and Kincora Avenue) sold Kincora Avenue for the asking of €500k by Wednesday!!!

Any other EAs doing this?

I went to see a house with SF on Castle Avenue, and have been getting invitations ever since. I think its just a posh name for an email notification of an open viewing myself. Still high in Clontarf, isnt it. Gunnes seem to price high too.

Are these houses advertised on myhome/daft? Supposedly there are a lot of houses on the market which are not being advertised as such and EAs advise those who have looked at similar properties about them.

Yeah, if they were advertised they might actually sell. Everyone knows that the best way to sell something in a down market is to ensure that sellers don’t know about it. [facepalm]

We don’t deserve to see these houses. The very thought of filthy potential buyers viewing these precious mausoleums, some of them could be renters…ugh

Put them on daft already you tossers

I’ve been to a couple of these (on southside) and both times, the houses have subsequently been put on the market for less than what they were asking at the private viewings.
I reckon they are just looking for a sucker.

I don’t believe there is that many of them either.

I can see in certain cases why people might not like to advertise their property as for sale, especially if they are being very realistic about their pricing. There is an estate off my parents road which has massive delusions of grandeur. To give it it’s due, it’s a nice, pleasant area, with two large greens and the estate just has one entrance meaning there is no through traffic, so kids are quite safe to play outside. But it’s also just long rows of not very big, 3 bed terraced houses built in the grey box style of architecture popular in the early 70s.

At the moment there is one house advertised there for sale with an asking price of the same amount that a larger, period-semi with garage and big garden achieved on my parents’ road in '07 at auction. It’s utterly ludicrous and has been up for sale at this price for ages. But knowing what I know about the area, I’d be utterly terrified to lower the price as many of the neighbours would make life very unpleasant for daring to undervalue their little nirvana. If I was selling a house in such an area I’d be very tempted not to advertise it, at least at first, and just pick a good EA who would ensure any buyers in the market for that type of property knew about it.

Really? You’d be happy to pass up tens of thousands of extra euros in order not to annoy your soon-to-be-ex neighbors? You’re a good sport.

Coincidentally, had a call about one of these this week - asking 500/sq ft…