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G’day People !! 8)

I’m Back ! (for those that remember me the first time around !!)

Had an occasional look over the last few months, can’t beleive how popular this site has got! (well I can…but you get my drift!)

Anyway, brief re-cap - left Dublin (I was an EA & Auctioneer for 15 yrs) sold up properties in 2006 (kept UK ones :open_mouth: ) & left for Oz. Settling in nicely, & loving it.

It’s Interesting when I hear from my Dublin based EA friends that shouted me down at the time - how their tune has changed! (in a non glee-ful way of course!)

Anyway, just to say Hi again! Good to read this site & as usual , educated & accurate views aplenty… (that helped me on my way to my new life here TBH)

Slán !!,

ps.BTW- I bought the mug that was designed for me by the ‘pinsters’ !! I have left it in Ireland , must get it posted over… !!


Welcome back Murrayo. Enjoy life down under & sink a frosty one for us.


Age: 40+

House Buying Status: Own a House in London

View on the crash. Its been a long time coming but its playing out very slowly… looks like a slow (crashand) burn. A lot done…A lot more to do.

Timeline: Prices continue to fall for 10 years in real terms ?

Where would I buy: Cork South Central

AAM status: Had never heard of it until i followed links from the pin over a year or so ago when i was looking for non VI (not that i knew that acronym then) info on the irish situation.


Name: Muiredach

Age: 35

House Buying Status: Bought in commuter-ville in 1998, back when the banks weren’t handing out cash hand over fist. Also rent a townhouse

View on the crash: Still hovering between denial and fear. While I feel a crash is inevitable and resistance is futile, don’t underestimate the bloodymindedness of Irish people who believe “property will only ever go up” and “I’m not selling it for less than it’s worth”

Timeline: Prices sliding up to 2010, then stagnation.

Where would I buy: In Dublin : only within the canals.


Name: Southsider

Age: 27 Female

House buying status: Living at home with the Daddy. The way prices are at the moment I can’t even afford Affordable Housing :open_mouth:

View on the crash: Was hoping for a short sharp drop as I think its in everyones interest in the long run, but it looks like its going to be a long drawn out affair especially now with the government planning on fiddling with stamp duty etc in the October budget.

Timeline: 4-5 years before we see bottom and then a long period of stagnation.

Where would I buy: Dublin 14/16 or by the sea if I win the lotto (any day now :wink:)

AAM Status: Lurked on the site a bit when I had dreams of buying an affordable shoebox in Tallaght. Discovered a link for this site on an AAM thread in January and have been lurking here ever since :smiley:


House buying status… Married two kids, own a home. Approx 10 yrs left on mortgage. Hoping to accelerate payments once wife goes back to work. Eventually want to trade up to a nicer place with nice garden. We tried previously (April 06) Got jerked about by EA (mentioned in some of my earlier posts) It now looks as if we had a lucky escape on that transaction. New plan is to get the mortgage down as low as possible in next 3-4 years and be in a position to bid on our ideal house with (Borrowed)cash (ie not part of a chain). I will then sell original house at my own convenience I have no desire to hold two properties and certainly do not want the hassle of being a landlord.

Age… 34

View on crash… It is happening at snails pace. Efforts by VIs and govt to prop up market will mean it has to be a long and slow road to the bottom. As mentioned above I think 4-5 years time will be a good time to buy a house in Ireland. Long term I see Ireland trending like our european neighbours with 7-9% unemployment, gradual convergence of euro economies and dovetailing of our economy with euro interest rate cycles. I also think the population predictions of 6.5 million are wide of the mark and emigration of newly arrived workers and irish people will stop massive population growth. Just one anecdote… I trac
traveled through rural france and britain and I was always thought they were sleepy places I can see that here too. The days of 6 spar shops and two filling stations in rural ireland are going as money is sucked out of our economy Ireland is going to become sleepier.

Where would I buy… somewhere with a bit of space and some mature trees, running water would be lovely. close proximity to town (less than 2 miles)

AAM status… not registered, used to lurk but havent got the time anymore, registered on , lurker on Daft, lurker on boards, Magicmum house and home , Lurker on WOL subscribe to Economist magazine.

The country is fucked imo a total paradigm shift is taking place. XX


Age: 43

House Buying Status: Bought in 2002 and traded down in 2005. So home owner and no mortgage now.

Location: North East

Occupation: IT

**View on the crash: ** I’ve been listening to D McWilliams over the years and he has been spot on so i guess i saw it coming.
I can’t abide the VIs, as you call them. They’re so transparent.
I can’t wait for the budget (how sad is that) to see what FF come up with. I’d say the pressure being put on them by the VIs is enormous.

Where would I buy: I’d love to go and live somewhere on the continent for a few years.

AAM status: Occasional lurker. I only discovered the Pin a few days ago. Great site. I can’t believe i didn’t come across it before.


Name: Mrs Mac Pee - you can call me Caroline :wink:

**Age: **37

Sex: I am a lady

House Buying Status: Bought 1 bed apartment in January 2002 and sold it in September 2004. Currently renting since 2004 and refuse to buy until we see value in the morkesh. Long time lurker on the Pin and thankful that there are other like minded people out there who don’t see property as the be all and end all.

View on the Crash: I’m actually scared since the events of last Monday unfolded. I expected to wake up on Tuesday morning to hear that one or two of our banks had hit the wall. Was horrified to hear about the Gubberment Bailout on CNBC squawk box. I nearly cried. And then I kicked the cat.

Timeline: God only knows. The bailout has provisionally bought us a bit of time but I’m not hopeful that Ireland Inc will last much longer.

Where would I buy: I only want one house. Preferably a nice 3 bed in a mature area in South Dublin - Templeogue (the D6W area)

AAM Status: Occasionally post. I don’t like the moderators on that site. Some are smart asses (his name starts with a “C” and the other one…enough said.


Age: 30

House buying status: Almost convinced to buy by family at end-2005, but worked out that prices were fundamentally crazy, and I would be taking a huge risk in buying. Didn’t buy in the end, now renting in Ringsend for reasonable value.

AAM status: Avid reader of the property crash thread from mid-summer 2006 until it was shut down. Followed the discussion over to the Pin after that. Go back and have a look at AAM 1-2 times per month.

View on the Irish property crash: Mostly taking my cue from intelligent posts here/AAM, I forecasted 40-50% drops in prices (not accounting inflation) over 5-6 years (forecast made maybe 18-24 months ago).
But I didn’t anticipate the credit crunch, or the huge FAIL we’re staring at now. I just don’t know how deep the abyss is.

Timeline: After the last week, I don’t think anybody knows. I don’t see a bull market happening again for at least a decade (that’s the optimistic option). I will buy when I save enough money over renting to make it worth the loss in ability to move when I want. I will guess at a minimum of 4 years from now.

Where would I buy property: Depends on where I’m working at the point when I buy. Not interested in long commutes. This may or may not be in Ireland, though I have no plans to leave right now, but almost certainly nowhere else in Ireland (not impressed with the variety of IT jobs outside Dublin). Almost definitely a house rather than apartment.


leave the cat out of it, it’s not a VI, OK?


Please tell me that’s just a bit of colour and not true! :open_mouth:


Name: Jabaar
Age 39
Location: Mexico

House buying status: Owner, family home, no mortgage

View on an Irish property crash: Cannot believe the denial that still exists as to the severity of the situation, whether with developers, small time builders, contractors, or BTL/investor types. There is simply denial of the need to liquidate NOW and take your beating, seems like there is a sense of entitlement (not to lose money) which people are unwilling to relinquish, just crazy.

Timeline for crash: Ongoing, much more pain through 2009, reality setting in in early 2010, some respite coming in 2012. Unemployment growth right up to then or beyond. Expect it to take 20 years to recover to 2006 prices, adjusted for inflation.

Where would I buy property: Noweher right now, maybe in a city cente rlocation in Galway or Dublin in a few years, likely a BLT in Mexico next year.


Ok slight exaggeration there. I aimed but missed on purpose :laughing:

The cat is called Austin by the way. Poor cat. Time to rename him.




Name: Peroni
Age: 32
Location: Dublin

House buying status: Cynical renter

View on an Irish property crash: About bloody time, when will sellers start adjusting their asking prices? And how about some transparency in the market so that buyers can see actual selling prices?

Timeline for crash: Keep sliding until 2010.

Where would I buy property: Somewhere in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, maybe on Berrel street near Centennial Park.

I’m v. happy to have found the Pin, was briefly active on AAM, but stifling moderation saw me off.


Randwich would be nice. You’re close to the beach, the park and the footie and cricket plus it’s only a short bus into town.
Anyway welcome aboard.


Yes, Randwick would be great - anywhere where you can be 10/15 minutes to the beach (any beach, well other than Tamarama), 10/15 minutes from Bondi Junction and 10/15 minutes from Cent. Park would be fab! Prices still fairly cheap over there, they had their slow down a couple of years ago…tempting to dust off the old permie residence visa and hop on a one way flight!!


I’ve been following the Pin for a long time so thought I should introduce myself…

Name: Detached

Age etc: 30 year old married female with 1 lil baby

Location: North East

Occupation: I work for a large building supplies company

AAM Status: The best thing that I got out of AAM was the link to the Pin back in early 07 as that largely influenced our decision to hold off on buying again. My poor hubbie must be sick of hearing the words “the lads on thepropertypin say…” :slight_smile:

House Buying Status: Bought in late 05, sold in late 06, happily renting and saving until this whole mess is sorted out

View on Irish Property Crash: We are in the middle of it right now (but it’s happening so slowly). I feel slightly detached from it all as I have watched the events of the past few weeks unfolding. It has been surreal.

Timeline: I really do not know. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. Interesting times ahead.


I know the feeling, any time I mention an acronym or phrase she hasn;t heard me use before my wife immediately ask if that’s what the lasd on the pin are discssing today 8)


Its a mood killer alright…