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Name: Snakeblood

Real Name: Qsnakeblood. The Q is silent.

Age: 35

House Buying Status: have a hovel in commuter belt for one person, am now going to become three. Need to sell.

View on Crash: I was feeling pressured to buy a place in 2006, so I did, as cheaply as I could on on the affordable housing. Can’t rent it, can’t live in it. Shit. I knew this was coming but I thought I’d be sufficiently protected.

Employment status: IT. Have been working for the same company for five years, got made redundant, got another job immediately, but on contract. Now I’m worried about providing.

Would I emigrate? Yeah, maybe.

'Pin info: I was reading this before I bought the place but I thought I had a sufficient cushion, but I was sadly wrong.

View on the public sector: I can see why they complain, I wouldn’t like things being taken, but I think they should suck itup and take some cuts, get benchmarked, lose job security, and another look should be taken at pensions. I don’t have security, and I earn less. Screw them.

View on the private sector: I’d like some more jobs.

Interests: Property, 360, PS3, pregnancy app on iphone.


Name: Madness of Crowds

Sex: Male

Age: Nearly 40

Employment Status: Private Sector

Housing Status: Renting shoebox, a bit scruffy, but cheap and convenient. Will buy when I can get a suitable place on a mortgage I can clear in <15 years and dust has settled in economy (maybe 2011). Saving deposit aggressively since immigrating.

View on Irish housing market: Moved here in 2001, thought “This is expensive”; early 2003, “This is silly”; early 2005, “This is very silly”; mid 2006, “This is very silly indeed”; 2010, “This is taking a long time”. On a respectable wage, I didn’t consider that I could afford even the cheapest possible Dublin property, so there was no way the average person could. Now, unfortunately, some of them are finding out they couldn’t. A lot of people are going to be trapped in unsuitable “homes” (I use the term very loosely) for a long time. I was wondering for years how long such an obviously unsustainable run could continue, but I knew the game was up when the banks and a couple of estate agencies cashed out and disposed of their property in mid 2006.

Views on the crash: As British Rail said in the ‘80s “We’re Getting There”; and every bit as slowly… Expect ordinary 3-bed semi in moderately pleasant outer Dublin to settle at 4x ordinary decent wage (3.5x mortgage +0.5x deposit) so €150-200K

AAM status: Discovered it through the Pin, use it to compare deposit rates, but that’s all.


Name - okeydoke

Sex - Male

Age - 29

House Buying Status - 1st time buyer. Have just been morgaged approved, debating whether to buy this year…

View on Irish property - Still way overpriced, I never looked at daft for houses until a few months ago, and it is (still) eye watering. Who are all these people who were making 120k a year to afford all these 600/700k semi-d’s in south Dublin :open_mouth:

View on the public sector - Bunch of wasters, but that is the same in every country

View on Ireland - Areas like IT / Pharma / Accountancy etc will be fine, but the mess caused by the constuction industry will take a decade to improve

Would I Emigrate? - I have thought about heading to China for a few years, but I’d miss Ireland too much


Name: Monkeywrench

Age: 33

Employment Status: Frontline Civil Service

Housing Status: Bought in 01, sold and bought in 04, sold in 09 and now renting. Looking for proper family home. Never moving again. Saving aggressively to add to my deposit.

View on housing market: It went completely la la and most vendors are still living in the past with la la prices in their heads. Holding out for another 12 to 18 months when there might be some sort of reality to prices.

View on Public Sector: I work in it but am not represented by any union (not allowed one and cannot strike). Massive overhaul needed starting at the overpaid top of the pile big wigs. Their wages and pensions are whats crippling us.

View of the Pin: Should be prescribed reading for all house buyers in the same way we were all made read Peig Sayers for the leaving cert.


Name: BottomsUp

Age: 34

House Buying Status: Didn’t fancy signing my life away for a shoe box that could fall down in a few years and leave me with nothing hence, still an FTB.

AAM Status: Have been reading avidly and finally registered.

View on Irish Property: Expect real economic factors to drive prices down to affordable levels no matter what measures they take to prevent it i.e., unemployment, emmigration, rising interest rates, decrease of amount of credit available, the end of the mortgage moratorium, the imminent nationalisation of the big two and the realisation that Nama won’t help the economy, just bailout the “boys” and create jobs for their kids.

Timeline for Price Correction: Probably not till 2015, denial has another bit to go, the powers that be won’t let us leave it any time soon plus it’ll take that long for people to 1) Realise their properties aren’t worth what they think they are and 2) take mortgages more seriously. So I’ll be renting a much nicer place than I could buy till then, can you believe I still have people telling me rent is dead money, pffffttttt.

Where would I buy property: In 2015: Clontarf, Raheny, Howth, Drumcondra, Glasnevin or thereabouts.


Name: Blackjacko
Age: 36

House Buying Status: Have a property in the UK that I bought when living there, glad to have held on to that, and glad not to have purchased here. Will but here eventually, but waiting for the right place at the right price.

AAM Status: Use it for Deposit rates, did post once or twice but I think I might be banned now, I may have made sense.

View on Irish Property: Another 25% to go, possibly more - Rental yields need to be around 5% (possibly more) before Investors return - as long as they are out of the market, we’re going to continue to drop.

Timeline for Price Correction: Depends on whether reality sets in soon or not, and how soon a Property Tax is brought in.

Where would I buy property: Lots of places to consider, anywhere along the southside Dartline currently the favourite, but living in Dublin 8, would consider around here for the right price and property.


Age: (I’m from the north so) over 21 :nin :wink:

I joined a long time ago and lurk occassionally. Would have loved to move south when I returned home from the south east of the perfidious albion but spiralling house prices prevented it.

Lurking more regularly now as the possibility of moving south is becoming realistic. BD

But there really seems to be a world of sh1t there at the minute. XX

(the emoticons are groovy :smiley: )


Name: ps200306

Age: 45

House buying status: Bought in 1988, sold in 1989. Too busy to try to get back on the ladder until 1994, when prices had already gone up more than I cared to pay. Have taken the view ever since that Irish house prices are a) insane, b) signify some deep malaise in the Irish psyche. Nevertheless, bought a site in Wexford and built modestly and cheaply, c. 1998-2003. Thought commuting to Dublin would be a drag, but now I love it and don’t want to move back.

Employment status: IT guru.

View on the public sector: Was a public servant myself many years ago. It’s a pretty sick place, despite a lot of hard workers. Same the world over. It’s not going to change. When the IMF comes and axes half of them, they’ll inevitably be the wrong ones.

AAM status: Never liked it, ever since my first attempt at signup was rejected due to an inappropriate username(!). Haven’t gone near the joint since discovering the Pin.

View on an Irish property crash: Sorry for all the people who got sucked in, including many friends. Don’t know why I was immune. Natural caution, perhaps. I saved, and bought/built for cash. Will never take out another mortgage if I can help it.

Where would I buy property: SCD, if I ever buy again, and can do it for cash. Won’t fret if it doesn’t happen for a long time.

Interests: Learning.


Name - GruttePier
Sex - Male
Age - Good
House Buying Status - n/a

**View on Irish property **- Still overpiced.

View on the public sector - Spoiled. Obviously overpaid. I remember reading some analysis on FT alphaville regarding the differences between pay in public and private sector that was done for the 2002 (?) benchmarking, but in the end did not feed into it because it did not support the hypothesis that public sector was underpaid. This pay combined with other terms of empoyment like days off for study and pension (plus one year lump sum) are grossly generous. I believe the Croke Pork deal is morally wrong. Any country facing problems (e.g. the deficit) like Ireland does, should not cut services etc… but reduce the public sector wage bill to bring it in line with the private sector and include all variables.

View on Ireland - Where to start? It depresses me every day. I just cant understand how most things are so badly managed and run. And not just in the last 10 years, but far before that. First thing that should be changed is the electoral system. Having local representatives in a national parlement does my head in. More tasks and reseponsibilities should be assigned to county council level. Plenty of other things should be changed (HSE, FAS, driver license system, stop teaching Irish history on schools). But in the end of the day there is little hope anything will ever change, the corrupt culture is there in the higher echelons. This together with the apathy of the Irish, will make sure things will not change. Every day I work with the most talented people, just dont understand why as a collective it fails so badly.What Ireland needs is a 166 German TD’s in the dail, and that takes a lot for me to say, being Dutch :smiley:
Why am i still here? On an individual level I find Irish people the most pleasant I have ever met. Also the sea and nature make it a great place to live.

Would I Emigrate? - Well , I emigrated here, but luckily work wise etc… I would be able to go tomorrow if I want. In general though Ireland is great for kids to grow up in so family reasons dictate I am still here.


Name - Kumakku
Sex - Male
Age - 31
House Buying Status - Never Bought.

View on Irish property - Needs to fall by another 50%

View on the public sector - High wages/benefits have done nothing except make the county vastly overpriced, as an IT employee making a normal wage, I have struggled through the boom years to make ends meat. The Depression is the best thing that ever happened as far as i can see.

View on Ireland - I like Ireland a lot, but I find there is basically an attitude problem, I hope in the future people can address this. Irish people are nice, but too forgiving and apathetic to the things that really matter.

Employment : IT - just quit

Would I Emigrate? - I’ll be gone by the end of the month.


Name: pyrite manor
Age: Thirtysomething

House buying status: Bought in 2005 home is in an estate riddled with pyrite which destroyed plans to sell at a profit in 2008
Employment status: Public Sector, Education

View on the public sector: Tired of lazy cliches from those in the Private Sector, media etc, those in glasshouses etc…

AAM status: Found that it gradually became less relevant over time.

View on an Irish property crash: A lot of people were consumed by greed during the party times. It’ll be one LONG hangover. Hate to see where it will all end.

Where would I buy property: Northside, or Rural County Dublin. Prices there are still crazily unrealistic with a lot of dumps still looking for mad amounts of money

Interests: Sport, culture.


Name: McM
Age 35
House buying status: Bought doer upper in 2003, stupidly remortgaged it in 2005 to buy over seas property. Looking for 4/5 bed family home in SCD
View on an Irish property crash: Its going down. Where it will end nobody knows. 80% from the peak for SCD hopefuly
Timeline for crash: The Fear is here. Bottom 18 - 24 months from now
Where would I buy property: D4 / 6 Donnybrook or Ranelagh


Name: Diego Murphy

Sex: Male

Age: 27

Employment Status: Private Sector

Housing Status: Renting with a friend in Cork City Centre. Nice two bed apartment.

View on Irish housing market:Vendors are still not being realistic. I was speaking with an “old school” retired Auctioneer and he was saying that we’ll only start buying and selling properties as a nation again once people forget about the dizzy day prices. Saying that you lost 50% on an artificial price just isn’t realistic. I think there is further to fall. Personally i wouldn’t land myself with a mortgage of more than 160k but i genuinely feel that when i decide to, i will end up buying a nice place for that.

Views on the crash: 10 times ppls salaries…it was always going to happen. From a personal point of view, a part of me is glad it has happened. Otherwise i’d never have even been able to consider buying.

AAM status: Use it to keep an eye on any ways to save money on share dealing. Otherwise nada


Name: taxpayingbagholder

Age: 31

House buying status: living at home. want to buy a 3 bedroom house in dundrum area for e100k when the prices bottom

Employment status: employed in logistics

View on the public sector: cut the waste, reduce numbers by 50%

AAM status: dont know what that is

View on an Irish property crash: market will bottom in 1-2 years when the imf come in

Where would I buy property: a nice part of south dublin

Interests: precious metal, property, inflation,


Name: JohnnyTheFox

Age: 39

Employment Status: Still in long-standing job elsewhere in Europe but doing a mixture of telecommuting and physically commuting from Ireland.

House Buying Status: Just sold our family home in that other European country to move back to Ireland. Living with my parents here while we try to buy. I got turned down for a mortgage (even though I was only looking for < 40% value and < 1.5 x earnings) for spurious reasons so now am forced to do what I can with the cash we got from selling our former home. I was really pissed off with the bank at first but I now view this as a blessing in disguise as it will force me to be disciplined and not overpay and will mean we will stay debt free.

View on the public sector: Never had much time for the public sector generally but most of my personal interaction with front line employees since I came back has been positive. But I’m jealous of the pension entitlements and outraged by some of the benefits and work practices that I know about through friends working in the public sector.

View on Irish housing market: Vendors too emotionally invested in prices at the peak. Too many houses are only for sale in the sense that they have EA signs hung up but unrealistic price expectations means they are not really for sale. One of the three houses on our short-list has been on Daft for three years and another for two years. I think that mindset is so prevalent it is going to take a glut of NAMA residential properties or bank repossessions coming onto the market to really get prices to a sensible level and get the market moving again.


Name: I ate all the pies

Age: 39

House buying status: Never Owned Property

Employment status: Engineer (Telecoms)

View on the public sector: Scapegoated

View on an Irish property crash: Expected it, Fictitious Capital and all that Jazz!

Interests: 0%


Name: Zoran
Age: More than 40
House buying status: Homeowner
AAM status: Now an Occasional visitor still with all my post count. ???
View on an Irish property crash: It happened in Ireland. Coming to an Australia near me, soon!
Timeline for crash: I’m based in Australia, but of Irish/Slovak origin. Australian house prices started crashing in the past few months and we’ll see a steady deline for about three years, I believe.
Where would I buy property: Australia, in three years.


Name: halfprice

Age: 36 (wife 35)

House buying status: From Australia, lived in Dublin last 3 years. Wife and I have house in Australia. Looking to buy at the bottom of market in Ireland for soon to be family and dog/s.

Employment status: DINKS (An Australian term - Double Income No Kids) - but soon to be kids! (I notice that the DINK term has not been adopted in Ireland - so let’s start it now!)

View on the public sector: inefficient and needs work - salaries must be cut (same as private sector), efficiency/productivity must be rewarded

AAM status: dont know what that is

View on an Irish property crash: still plenty to go - coming from overseas 3 years ago we were SHOCKED by what people were paying, for what was in reality - shite… also it was easier for us coming from Australia at the time 2007 to avoid buying when 500k Euro was 1 million AUS dollar - so avoided it like the plague

Where would I buy property: we rent in Castleknock, but looking in SCD for a 3-4 bed with a garden (please God)

Interests: XBOX360 and investing in property and shares. Reading the Property Pin (great (informed) craic!)


Name: Firstbass

Age: 39

House buying status: have a house in Holland rented out. Bought and sold again in Germany.

Employment status: working, thank god. So is my wife.

View on the public sector: FF made a fatal mistake (amongst all their other ones) in allowing public sentor pay to chase rising house prices, in an upward spiral. They may be scapegoated to some extent but the reality is we can’t afford to pay the levels of pay and pensions anymore.

View on property market: There’s starting to be a few houses at realistic prices e.g. €2-3000 per sq metre in SCD. The ones priced right are selling, but there’s still a huge amount of overpriced property clogging up Daft and Myhome. Average prices still have a long way to go. Based on my experiences of buying in other countries we get terrible, really poor quality houses in Ireland for the money

Where would I buy: southside, redbrick land, or along the coast… same as most people I suppose :slight_smile:


Name: ppatisu

Age: Over 40

House buying status: Bought in 1993, sold in 1994 (in a great location in SCD-- that in hindsight would have been nice to hold on to) and emigrated (for 2nd time). Bought in US (west coast) in 99 and still own the house. Just rented the house and moved back this year to see how things will work out (and see family more often)… although have the option to head back to US if necessary next year (will depend on work as well as healthcare issues).

Employment status: software developer (currently working short-term contracts via US business).

View on the public sector: reboot needed, but will be dragged out as long as possible. too many folks sucking off the dysfunctional parts of the system that don’t want any change but have influence (esp. recent retirees on large packages)

AAM status: rarely/occasional reader.

View on an Irish property crash: feel bad for those that got screwed and pissed off at those that feel like they did nothing wrong (who annoyingly are still revered in many circles!). country needs a perp walk (as much as it needs to win the rugby world cup!!)… although not going to happen IMHO (rugby maybe 8DD )

Where would I buy property: SCD apartment if prices ever get low enough… (although not likely for a few years)

Interests: Learning/education re: surviving the choppy waters ahead.