Viewing Highly Recommended - The Introductions Thread


Name: Muirster

Age: 27

House buying status: Renting with friends in Dublin, will consider buying in Cork or Dublin in next few years.

Employment status: Public sector (education), temporary contract.

View on the public sector: Mainly contradictory. I see it as bloated, overpaid, with an attitude of entitlement by some, but also many people are suffering from cuts, particularly affecting frontline staff & services. There are a lot of v dedicated & hardworking people doing their best with the resources they have.

AAM status: None

View on an Irish property crash: Had I been born five years earlier, I could well have been caught up in it, but even at the age of 18/19 I remember thinking it was all madness. Luckily my Dad thought so too & put me onto the Pin where I found solace & some sanity in the madness. I think the crash could have been an opportunity in disguise, had it been handled properly, ie selling off distressed properties at the market value, particularly for those of us who saved & didn’t take out insane mortgages, but I see too much talk about protecting Mary & Jim in order to ensure their McMansion they built/bought with the bank’s money isn’t taken. Am v disillusioned, but I love Ireland too much & family ties are too strong to leave. For now at least. I’m toying with learning German to keep my options open though.

Where would I buy property: Cork/Dublin/possibly Kerry

View on Ireland: I love my country but despair for the ‘ah sure it’s grand’ attitude of its people.
Too many are allowed away with too much, to the detriment of all. Until I see Bertie & his ilk in jail I will not believe that any lessons have been learned or that the the right people have been punished.

Interests - cooking, tv/cinema, current affairs, education, tech.


Meant to do this ages ago

Name: NegativeEquity

Age: 39

House buying status: Recently purchases first house

Employment status : employed

AAM status: Have an account - never posted - use the Savings best buy section that’s about it.

View on Irish property crash: An avoidable mess - no sympathy for a most who crashed and burned afterwards - you reap what you sow. Disaoppointed there was no public hangings of the politicians involved.

Where would I buy property: Barbados

View on Ireland: My avatar says it all.

Interests: economics, investments, football, music/guitar, brewing, gardening

Bullish on: Fook all at moment

Bearish on: Everything at the moment


Name: Forgetful

Age: 33

House buying status: 1st time buyer 2014

View on an Irish property crash: The bubble was huge and lumbering, the crash was huge and lumbering, and I think the 2012-2014 rises were just a huge and lumbering dead cat bounce, being artificially inflated by the government. I see all my friends suffering from artificially high house prices, and artificially high rents and it makes me sick.

Timeline for crash: Difficult to say when the cat will drop again. In the medium future when interest rates rise there will be pandemonium.

Where would I buy property: Near family, not too close to low lying land near the coast.


Thought I might as well fill this in, as I seem to be posting a fair bit lately.

Name: WorstPigeon (It kind of made sense at the time, somehow)

**Gender: ** M

Age: 31

Job:: IT (software engineer)

View on public sector: I think they get far too muck flak, though I envy their pensions.

House buying status: Dodged a bullet not buying with first proper job after college like everyone was telling me to; I know a fair few people who did. Been renting for last decade and have decent savings as a consequence; now looking to buy as a first time buyer. Being very fussy, however; not in a huge rush due to current flat/falling prices, and if I buy I want it to be for a long time; I still ultimately believe prices will fall a lot in the future.

I nearly bought in 2013 when my then-landlord wanted the place back for use as a short-term let, but was too busy at work to get around to it and just rented a new place, which I now regret greatly :slight_smile:

AAM status: Had an account (or a couple; lost old login details) for ages, rarely used it.

Views on Ireland: We have our problems, but ultimately I prefer it to any other Anglophone country, and that’s all I speak properly, so…

Where would I buy: Dublin 4, 6, or bits of 8, maybe bits of 2. Ideally walkable to work in city center, with good public transport. 2 bed apartment or small house. Rented mostly in D8.


Thought I might as well fill this in, as I seem to be posting a fair bit lately.

Gender: M

Age: 29

Job:: Civil Engineer

House buying status: Currently looking to buy as a first time buyer. We can afford about 250-300k which doesn’t make for too pleasant searching in the greater dublin area. I work in Swords and her in Sandyford or Leixlip. She normally starts at 7.30 so is before the traffic and I ride a motorcycle so we’re a bit more flexible in terms of location.

Where would I buy: Dublin 8, maybe bits of 24. Looking for something with a garage or access to rear garden to store my bike, other than that 2bed+ but don’t want to be taking on much renovations.


:question: :confused:


Name: A41

Age: 23

Gender: M

House buying status: Renting, saving a nice wedge for a deposit. Wouldn’t go near an apartment built in “da boom”.

AAM:Never used it

Where I would buy: A house with a back garden for storage. A 25-30 min cycle, with good public transport to work. Not that the public transport can be counted on!


Name: Anthracite (not real name)

House Buying Status: I’m in the industry.

AAM Status: Bunch of fascists. Golfing pricks.


Name: that’s a secret
Age 31
House buying status: Hopefully will be FTB early 2018 unless I see reason to hold off
AAM status: none
View on an Irish property crash: I wish I’d had the wisdom and salary to buy in the last one. Am wondering if we’ll see another in a few years.
Timeline for crash: Not sure
Where would I buy property: Ideally? Toronto. But no point buying if I don’t have permanent residency.