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I though I called part II - Current Public Sentiment Towards the Housing Market - Part II A New Hope (memory is fuzzy so many threads under the bridge now)., for historical record like! 8) That reminds me must organise the photographer for the PIN hall of fame :wink:


Age: 29
Occupation: Engineer, private sector (getting the shaft in this economy for having a job that uses your brain)
House Buying status: Potential FTB, struggling to rent own apartment in Dublin (1400, WTF?). Have ignored the pleas of parents and friends to buy since I came back to Ireland two years ago. Have managed to hoard 80K cash, waiting for right time to pounce.
AAM status: Overbearing administrators (How annoying is that clubman guy?)
View on Irish Property crash: Good bit further to fall. Next couple of months will be carnage.
Timeline for Crash: It’s already here baby!!!
**Where i would buy property: **South county Dublin near friends and family :frowning: Or I’ll move back to California with my american wife if the country goes really pear shaped :slight_smile:


You wouldn’t be Bertie by any chance, would you? :wink:


Age: 30’s
Occupation: Telecoms.
House Buying status: Home owner.
AAM status: Supporter and poster. AAM is a great site overall, there is plenty of useful, expert opinion there on pensions, investment, banking etc. I do not understand why a ban was introduced on discussion of house prices and am disappointed that the ban remains, I am dismayed at the number of informative posters that have been banned. I believe that the quality of debate has dropped as a result.
View on Irish Property crash: Crash is in progress, a lot further to fall.
Timeline for Crash: It’s happening now.
**Where i would buy property: ** Not in Ireland for the forseeable future.


Age: Mid 20s
Occupation: Hedge Fund Administration (No laughing).
House Buying status: Renter. Long time resister of the buy-brigade, initially for no reason other than a lack of money and a contrary anti-herd nature.
AAM status: No view on it, really. I had only ever casually browsed it before coming here and learning of the farcical way in which it is overseen.
View on Irish Property crash: It’s going to be a long, painful road.
Timeline for Crash: Well under way.
Where I would buy property: Ideally I’d love to live in Northern or Central Europe. But for the next 5 years or so I’ll be trying to hoard wealth, nothing more.


Age: very late 30’s
Occupation: Airline IT dinosaur
House Buying status: Home owner - no mortgage.
AAM status: Also supporter and poster (until I get banned). Try and advise people on bidding, value for money, there is no ladder and rent is not dead money without actually mentioning property prices. Takes a lot of thought, so don’t do it very often!
View on Irish Property crash: The worst is yet to come (repossessions or long-term Japanese style price decreases)
Timeline for Crash: It’s happening now.
Where i would buy property: Nowhere. You can get a lot of holidays for the price of a holiday home (more than a lifetimes worth). Don’t believe in capital appreciation (even though have benefited hugely from it). Would only consider an investment properties with a base yield of %+ to cope with unexpected expenses.


Age: 30’s
Occupation: Engineer.
House Buying status: Still Waiting.
AAM status: Never Registered, but read it often. I think it’s a good gauge of the opinions of the masses. Lots of people with their heads firmly stuck in the sand and plently on the verge of financial suicide on money makeover.
View on Irish Property crash: It’s only starting, but the level of denial from the people and our supposed leaders is staggering, the writing is on the wall and has been for sometime. I weep for the future of the country, a future with a finanicially crippled population who can’t afford to replace itself.
Timeline for Crash: It’s started but there is alot of resistance to falling prices from vendors which will drag the whole sorry affair out for years.
Where i would buy property: A house is for living in, I invest in equities.


Age: 40’s

Occupation: Working overseas

House Buying status: starter home in Dublin, investment Apt in Brussels.

AAM status: Not a regular reader. Love the PIN though, educational, a bit hard edged and not too pompous. Facts, facts, Facts. ! The work that SOMA (IPW ) and Verbatim do on tracking is invaluable.

THANKS to PIN moderators and posters.

View on Irish Property crash: Inevitable, like death and Taxes ( except if you earn more than €1m, then cryogenics and tax lawyers can help !! ) Pretty cynical about Gov’t and VI’s having a free ride for last 10 years, and challenges for young irish singles / couples now.

Timeline for Crash: Steady falls from Sept 2006 to mid - end 2008. Depends on knock on economic effects and return of feel OK Factor rather than depressed midset. There is a whole generation of people whos working life has been in a rising economic climate, and this is not there fault. Keep the prozac handy.!!

Where i would buy property: Anywhere outside Dublin, as even if you knock 25% off current values, its still a rip off and would place too much of a mortgage burden. Goa proabably.


Age early 40’s

Property developer / Realestate agent
Located in Chicago
Own too many propertys in Chicago
I belive the current price of property is unsustainable in Eire.Price will adjust downward over the next 3-5 years by as much as 30-50% either by a inflation adjustment or an out right market crash

AAM status: Wtf is the aam? :smiley:

Ps good to see a site which is geared towards acquiring important information.


Edit: Johnny.


Or how about lets keep it to intros.


Point taken. :blush:


Age: 25
Occupation: GIS
House Buying status: Actively looking but probably wont buy for at least 12 months.
AAM status: Read it pretty often find the money makeover section very scary lots of people out there in big trouble.
View on Irish Property crash: Most things i’ve been looking at have come down by about 5 to 15k
Timeline for Crash: Hopefully the worst will be over soon but i doubt it.
Where i would buy property: I’m from commutterville so i’ll be looking to buy there to stay.


Age: 30’s
Occupation: Not relevant
House Buying status: Renter with the ability to buy, but dont want to.
AAM status: Occasional lurker.
View on Irish Property crash: Bertie Ahearn & Charlie McCreevy are to blame because they gave investors priority over first time buyers and families.
Timeline for Crash: It’s happening now. Continued price falls into 2008. Bottom is not in sight.
Where i would buy property: Nowhere. Cash is king. The ECB will protect savers from inflation because it is controlled by prudent & responsible germans.


Age: late 20’s

Occupation: Engineer

House Buying status: Renter with a deposit ready, but waiting to see how it all pans out over the next while

AAM status: I read it the odd time not a member though

View on Irish Property crash: I’d like to see a crash as I don’t fancy the idea of spending the next 35 years working to pay off a loan, although a lot of friends and relations will be serious out of pocket. I’m not sold on the crash idea yet though. I’ve read some of the arguments on this forum. A lot of them are well reasoned but it’s hard for me, someone who has only known the bubble, to comprehend that there could any other way and that it could all disappear sorta like those who grew up under the Soviet regime. However I’m reading Jared Diamonds book Collapse so I’m coming round to the idea that nothing lasts forever

Timeline for Crash: If there is going to be a crash and the price declines we’re seeing are the start of it then the crash will be the end of 2008, but I think it’ll need a big shock to economy like a surge in unemployment for it to hit panic stations where prices would hit 2001 price levels.

Where i would buy property: Nowhere at the moment, too many dodgy solicitors flying around selling holes in the ground.


Age - mid -40s
Occupation - Academic
House buying status - Owner with small (re-) mortgage
AAm status - never read
Views on Irish Property Crash - Happening now and will be worse and longer than the received wisdom
Where I would buy property- reckon I’ll stay where I am.


Age: 30

Occupation: Scientist.

House buying status: Back home with my Mother to save like mad! Am looking to buy in the near future, but not til the crash is in full force.

AAM status: Just looked it up now, looks good so I’ll visit again.

View on an Irish property crash: I’ve been a realist/doomlord for about two years now, am smug now cos we’re being proved right… Am adamant that it will come back down to earth, and just below the amount they’re ACTUALLY worth, not the vastly inflated prices most people have come to regard as normal.

Timeline for crash: It’s happening right now people!

Where would I buy property: Dublin

It’s lovely to have found this place, no-one listens to me about the property market cos most of my friends are VI’s, so thank you all. :slight_smile:


Age - mid -30’s

Single- (open to offers Mortgage free chicks only) :wink:
Occupation - Salesman
House buying status - Renter FTB virginity intact
AAm status - never read
Views on Irish Property Crash - Will be as bad as anybody could have imagined. Combination of Dollar crash, oil rises and Credit Crisis could create the PERFECT STORM. Far too worried to take any glee from seeing my bearish predictions of many years come to fruition.
Long time lurker
Where I would buy property- Survivalist pad in the mountains :laughing:

**(gulp am i only half joking???. :open_mouth: …)[/size]


Age: 30s

Occupation: Engineer

House buying status: Could buy but content to wait

AAM status: Occasional reader.

View on an Irish property crash: It’s happening slowly, but it’s certainly happening. We may see a slight (false) recovery in the new year as some agents have been predicting, but I would expect the true extent of the decline in property prices to become evident by the middle of next year.

Timeline for crash: 2009 will be a tumultuous year

Where would I buy property: Dublin


Age: 31

Occupation: works in healthcare

House buying status: owned PPR for 6 years, sold it this summer, and am renting a much nicer place for the same cost. Profit on deposit to pay stamp duty and deposit on next place.

Views on irish property crash: It will take time, and will be lumpy. More established areas will drop more slowly and less that poorly serviced commuterland. I am looking to buy next year, as I am looking for the house for the remainder of my life in the correct area. The vested interests will never be held responsible for that scandalous lack of foresight in planning in the past 2 decades

Where will I buy: North dublin city (Drumcondra, Clontarf or Glasnevin)