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Name: Slipperyslope aged 31…(Long time Lurker)

Location: Dublin (de nortside)

House buying status: Bought a house in 2000 sold it and traded up in 2004 and recently sold that. Cashed in and now renting.

AAM status: Visitor, post the odd time! Totally over-moderated and bit an opressive cliquey bunch.

Timeline for crash. Well we are in the midst of it now! I am enjoying seeing estate agents work hard for their money. Was burned many a time in the past with overheated bids on places that just weren’t worth the money. Expect the market to fall at least 5% more come Spring, dead cat bounce in May and then fall a further 10 in the summer lull.

Where to buy? Near work, dont see the point in travelling hours to get to work! Preferred areas for me would be Drumcondra, Glasnevin and Santry. Raheny, Sutton and Malahide would also be considered. Will be looking for some value in these areas come August!


Name: DaSchmo

Age: 25

House Buying Status: Back home with Mammy for the year doing a postgrad. Previous renter in D6/D4/Oz/USA.

AAM Status: Only became aware of that site from lurking on the 'Pin - are these guys for real?!?! Their position regarding the banning of house price discussion is making them look more and more ludicrous by the day.

View on Irish property crash: I had been saying this was going to happen for years, but none of my family or friends would listen as I couldnt predict exactly when it would happen (other than some time after interest rates went up). Came to the realisation that the crash had begun when the house I was renting in D4 at the time failed to attract any bids at auction in Sept 2006 and then failed to sell afterwards. Its owners withdrew it from sale a few months later and it is currnetly being rented by other tennants. Discovered the 'Pin around this time last year. An eye opener.

Timeline for crash The crash is here and it’s only just getting going - calling the bottom is probably going to be as difficult as trying to call the top.


Name: gaius

Age: 31

Occupation: Chemical Engineer

House buying status: Fed up of renting expensive accommodation but not dumb enough to buy yet.

AAM status: Used to lurk there all the time until the crackdown. Made a post of complaint which was promptly deleted and I walked away never to return unless linked from here or email.

View on an Irish property crash: Clever folks got out in 2006. Lucky ones got out in 2007. All the others are in denial.

Timeline for crash: It’s only starting now and the panic is going to get mighty. If you thought people going on about the great value they got on the 700K house was nauseating two years ago, wait till you have to listen to them whine about the mortgage repayments next year. Seeing as we’ve already seen a few high profile 100k price slashes, this is going to really hit home in the next 12 months but the real bottom will come some time after that. It will take decades for consumer sentiment to recover, if ever.

Where would I buy property: Right now? Nowhere. In a few years to come, Cork ideally as that’s where I’m from and my work is.


Age 33

Occupation Self Employed Computer Monkey

HBS Live with herself in a 3 bed semi in Dublin, very lucky only to have a €50k mortgage. Looking to escape from the city however rural BB is making me wary

AAM Status Post regularly mostly in the business section

View on Crash Looked on in shock and awe as people bought anything to “get on the ladder”. When I saw a add for a house in Naas that the EA was advertising as a “mere 20 minutes from Dublin” I knew trouble was brewing

Timeline on Crash The blood is in the water, I have friends renting their apartments on interest only loans and still making a loss on them because they cant sell them (one even made the pin :smiley: )

Where to buy Would look at Clare or Tipp, but currently waiting for the real slaughter to happen


**Age **31

Occupation former sales rep turned primary teacher.

HBS waiting patiently, saving a few quid and actually enjoying whats left of my youth.
AAM** have a look every now and then but cant help thinking they have an agenda.

View on Crash: i think its going to be long and painful, some governments see crashes as helpful in some ways, allowing young people to enter the market… i don’t see any logic to FF finger in dyke politics.

Timeline on Crash: given the fact that moneys going to become terribly hard to find over the coming years i think we’re in for a decade of pain.

Where to buy: Would like to look at galway, but theyre fooling themselves… would need to see 30-35% knocked off current prices for a nice Eyre square 2 bed apt… and i will.


Age 33

Occupation researcher (IT)

HBS renting with full tenure (not in ireland, of course).

AAM debate-stifling editorial policy.

View on Crash: Thought it was coming since around 1999. The boy who cried wolf.

Timeline on Crash: it will take as long to go down as it went up.

Where to buy: Might buy a summer-house if we have kids in a few years. Costs about 5 times a summer-house would cost here in Stockholm, but money isn’t the issue.


Name: poohbear

Age: 27

Location: Dublin (Central-ish)

House buying status: Renter, the family were trying to convince me round about 2005 that buying a gaff was a fabulous idea. Happily, having been burned a little in the crash (mainly in terms of career options) I spotted the housing bubble and didn’t buy in.

AAM status: Occasional lurker.

Timeline for crash: The crash is here, but we still have a long way to go. I fully expect to see circa 50% wiped off Dublin, and probably all Irish property across the board with a lot of less desirable newbuild shoeboxes and commuterville gaffs down to practically no value at all. No recovery until 2012 at the very earliest, possibly longer. We are going Japanese.

Where to buy? I have no plans to buy for the foreseeable future, see above. I’d be nervous about being tied into an Irish mortgage, as emigration may have to be on the cards at some point. Also, I value my mobility, and really I don’t know where I’ll want to be living 5+ years down the road when it will make sense to buy. I also feel that renting will become much better value within the next year or two as more newbuild property comes onstream in Dublin, population may dip slightly due to economic factors, and fewer investors feel that holding unlet and unoccupied property in Dublin for capital gains is a good strategy.


Name: Mr. M
Age: 34

House buying status: have half a one with other half!

AAM status: Look a lot, post a little. Can be useful.

View on an Irish property crash: If any one can answer this can they tell me the King George VI 2007 Winner?
Timeline for crash: How long is a piece of string

Where would I buy property: if you’re happy where it is and can repay the loan then where ever it is, its good - don’t get greedy!


Name: vbold

Age: 31

Occupation: Engineer (like everyone else here!!!)

House buying status: Bought D11 2001.
Was considering trading up early last year until I started to do my research and came across this site. It’s been a great read and very informative - thanks to all who post and gave me a greater insight into the economics of the property market.

AAM status: Lurk the odd time, good for a bit of research, found this site through it.

View on an Irish property crash: - full panic will hit after the spring season, I hope it will be a quick bang rather than a long drawn out torture. I would like to see a sharp drop as I think that this would out the VI’s, “spoofomists” and Government in a much starker manner. Perhaps even the general public would start to realise actually how scandalous this last few years of the property bubble has been to us all - poor planning - very poor advice from VI’s to FTB’s etc etc etc

Timeline for crash: I think 2009 will be tough for many.

Where would I buy property: Drumcondra, Glasnevin, Phibsboro


Name: stooge

Age: 26

Occupation: Engineer

Location: Dublin (south city)

House buying status: Renter. GF trying to force me into buying in the next few months but I am trying to resist to the end of the the year or longer.

AAM status: Rarely lurk. Was checking it for savings/current account best buys.

Timeline for crash: Crash to me kinda seems like a sudden impact. I expect to see a long drawn out mess, where all the VI’s try to convice FTB’s that alls well, while the crusaders here on the pin try to spread the truth.

Where to buy? If I was single I’d say I’d be happy to hold off buying for a good few years. However, all things considered it looks like I’ll be buying in south dublin or the midlands. i.e sandyford/leopardstown or athlone.


You’re 26 what’s the rush.


Name: markf909

Age: 27

Occupation: Software Engineer

Location: North Kildare

House buying status: Renter. Been renting for the past 9 years and have never had any urges to buy.

AAM status: Have a read of certain threads, mainly to laugh at the latest overseas property fad.

Timeline for crash: A long drawn out process. People dropping prices slowly as they cling for the notional values they think the place is worth.

Where to buy? Places along the metro north route, south of Ballymun itself.


All these engineers!!! It’s turning into a complete sausagefest!!! :open_mouth:


Stooge, lose this battle at 26 and you’re in for a rough time with this woman :smiley:
Tell her to buy and that you’d be happy to pay her the market rate for rent while living with her. If she thinks it such a great idea let her take the hit.

OW as for the reference to an engineering sausagefest, at least you didn’t have 4 years of college with 40 in the class, only 5 women :frowning:


Johnny, are you slightly inebriated at cet heure ci? :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish i was TUG oops :frowning:
Over on the pacific coast of the US, sober as a judge unfortunately!
5 women, it was cut throat between the lads :smiley:


Name: Proximo

Age 40

HBM: Sold Oct 2007 (Thank you PINSTERS for much help)

AAM Status: Rarely read that stuff, interesting until it gets MODDED !

View on Irish Property: We are 1.25 years in… (Oh if knew then what I know now) We are beginning the Rollercoaster ride - DOWN - There will be a bounce, it will live longer than most on here expect, but won’t begin until spring 2009 at the earliest. The fall after this 6 month hope extravaganza will be as slow and gradual as the ESRI/PTSB figures are now. But it will continue to 2012 at least. Then it will be FLAT for 2/3 years. Then we’ll have a very shortlived Echo-Boom. Max 3 years (It’ll still be in the memory, and the bank statement … )

All of the above is ‘Textbook’, and having tried to sell for 1 year, I know how it feels. BUT … there is a HURRICANE coming in International affairs financial - so don’t be surprised if I’m “Accomadative on the upside”

Timeline for CRASH: We’re in it, but way before Panic. 12 months before PANIC, then a lull of the sleeping cat variety, followed by a coach journey downhill for 3/4 years.

Where would I buy property: In 3 years time, I’d buy back ALL the petrol stations that are now (Idly) awaiting development. Of course I’d arrange a BIOFUEL supplier beforehand … :bulb:

Intersts: I exclude few, soap operas are an example. Bring on all other human endeavours …

Occupation: Partner in small business - Sales & Service (Industrial Comms)

Long time lurker here (March 2007). Thank you, thank you all.


Name: Aspro

Age: 32

Occupation: Graphic design/Mac monkey

House buying status: Renting as singleton since 1996, as part of a dynamic duo since 2004. Have wanted to buy since 2000. Not a hope in hell till now.

View on an Irish property crash: When ECB rates went up and big wigs in the industry started selling their own properties, we knew the game was up. It’s just unfortunate so many people were sucked into thinking we were in some sort of new economic paradigm and did all to get “on the ladder”. No-one told them the rungs were half sawn-through already.

Timeline for crash: The first shots have been fired. I predict a steeper fall by late Spring and a cumulative 10% drop per year for the next 4 years depending on the escalation of difficulties in the world economy.

Where would I buy property: Now? Nowhere. In 2 to 3 years Dublin South West or West.


The plan is to gradually introduce her to the Pin and let her hear a few honest (and educated) opinions. I’d say she’ll do a u turn in a couple of months!


Sounds like a good idea Stooge. More than anything else the pin is an education.