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Age: 99

Occupation: Economist / Strategist

House buying status: FTB in Ireland. I own property elsewhere. Rent a lovely house in D6 on 2yr lease.

View on an Irish property crash: Top was somewhere between the buyers panic at Adamstown Spring 06 and the Herald crash headline September 06. At a minimum the last double 2001-2006 will be rolled back across the market. By 2009 commuterville/adamstown etc. will sell at at 66%+ off their Summer 06 achieveable. In other words, for a period at the bottom, some property will be essentially unsellable.

Timeline for crash: point of maximum pessimissm? I’d say Spring/Summer 2009.

Where would I buy property: Miami looks interesting, as does Uruguay, Hong Kong. But why buy property when gold is gonna double in 2008?


Cool. Up the economists!!


Name: Aston

Age: 34

Occupation: Management Consultant

House buying status: Came back to Dublin from the States in 2004 and bouught a place off Heystbury Street. Re-located to London in 2005 and bought a flat there. By summer 2006 the hype was so great that even from London it was obvious that the wave in Ireland was about to break. Sold in Dublin, completing in September 2006, and bought two investments in London. Divested one in late 2007.

AAM Status: Followed it from the States and in Ireland in 2003 and 2004. Only visit now for queasy superiority thrills.

PIN Status: Regular lurker. Very occasional poster. Often entertaining. Commendably data driven. Too one eyed - verging on the hubristic - but still right.

View on an Irish property crash: It was inevitable. It’s in full spate. Maximum pessimism (as the man said) in Spring 2009. But continuing pain thereafter.

Where would I buy property: If was to buy in Dublin again I’d like to be somewhere within about 500 yards of the corner of Appian Way and Upper Lesson Street. But it will be a Dubin bolt hole only - it will be years before I’m full time in Ireland


Name spqr64

Age over 40

Home Buying Status bought pre 1999 before the onslaught of silliness

AAM Status Never wanted to be a stepford wife so avoided.

Occupation Financial Advisor (Broker) and yes I also broker mortgages

View on the current crash. As I am not actually from the Republic I think to some degree I have an outsiders view on things although I have lived here more than ten years. I think the crash will be long drawn out due to peoples unwillingness to accept the truth re the market falling,

I think politicians will not help matters by interfering and that VIs will do their best to spread confusion during the collapse. I also think that a lack of regulation in many different areas of financial services and associated areas have led us to this point, we cant blame cheap credit because no one held a gun to our head to use it. Lastly if you’re renting enjoy the ride as you are very lucky compared to some out there.

Interest Fairplay in an industry of strokers.


Name: bungaloid

Age: 44

Occupation: country gentleman

House buying status: bought ireland 2000, sold UK 2005. no mortgage, just spectator.

AAM status: banned (but who cares what those losers do or think?)

View on an Irish property crash: pretty much the worst possible scenario is now being played out. painful to see peoples live being put on hold. wider economic damage on the way.

View on the pin: could there be a better advert for web 2.0? so far ahead of the mainstream media. warts and all, magnificent!


**Name: **The Edge

Age: 34

**Home Buying Status: **bought apartment near Dublin city centre late '01, and have lived in it since 2002 (apart from travel break in 2005). Bought for the equivalent of €179k. Am not married, no dependents, so no particular pressure to trade up, for the time being.

AAM Status: Browse pretty frequently. Rarely post. To be fair to the site, they provide generally good advice in the ‘money makeover’ section. Policy on not discussing property prices is, it goes without saying, an utter disgrace.

Occupation: Accountant, currently working in state sector. Previously worked in financial services for 6 years.

View on the current crash: I set them out here (2nd page on thread): … 6&start=15

Where to buy: Nowhere right now.


Name: September
Age: 28

House buying status: Desperate to buy ASAP.

AAM status: Don’t read it, unless I find here links to interesting threads. I tried to do search on it, but cannot get around captcha.

View on an Irish property crash: It is just minor readjustment, completly does not fit into my Irish Dream (I’m immigrant).

Timeline for crash: Once general public would start to belive that property price always falls the crash would be over.


Name: BrendanG

Age: 43

Occupation: Mech Engineer.

Home Buying Status: Bought a 2 bed apartment in 1990 and sold again in '98 when it had tripled in value. (Doh) It’s tripled again since then! Bought a detached house in 2001 and sold late last year after a X 2.5 increase.

View on the current crash: I’ve been a bear longer than David McWilliams! I’m particularly concerned about the social impact the boom has had on Ireland. The rise of the “greed is good” mentality, the Government’s utter waste of the opportuinity to really make this country a better place for all it’s citizens.

Where would I buy: I’m sitting on the fence to see how the economic and social consequences play out. With a large part of a generation of Dublin’s working class now spread out over counties Wexford, Wicklow, Carlow, Kildare, Laois, Offaly, Westmeath, Cavan, Meath, Monaghan and Louth, I fear for what the social consequences will be. I met a guy last year who was from Clondalkin and working there, but had just bought a 3 bed semi in Walsh Island Co. Offaly what are his prospects if he is unemployed for any lenght of time in the future? Without a car it’s almost impossible to function somewhere like that. The Super-Valu in Portarlinton better do low cost home deliveries and the Social Welfare better start putting Mobile dole offices on the road.

Can anyone lend me a Norwegian linguaphone course?



Name: Marc
Age: 38
Housebuying status:
Sold my property in the UK (for the asking price…happy days)
Moved to Dublin in January and getting married in September (even happier days)

Views on forecasting the future:
The economist JK Galbraith said; “we have two classes of forecasters; those who don’t know and those who don’t know that they don’t know”.

AAM status:
Banned after 1st post (is this a record???)

15 years as a Financial Consultant in the UK. Just passed the QFA


Name: Ixus

Age: 26

Occupation: Used to be Financial Services, took the opportunity to go back to college.

Home Buying Status: I looked once back in 2004 with parents offering help but was quickly turned off due to prices & quality of housing. Je ne regret rien!

AAM: Browse it daily with occasional comments.

View on the current crash: I’m stuck in limbo on this one. Personally, I’m happy prices are continuing to fall, however, it’s the rest of the family I’m concerned about. Tried to convince parents to cash in on a % of their portfolio to clear debt to no avail. They see the error of there ways now. Also, younger brother has an interest only mortgage :cry:

Where would I buy: Somewhere beside the sea, with mountains close by. Where knives are used for eating, taxes are well spent and public transport is thought out & efficient. Anyone know of such a place?


Vancouver matches the first three, maybe the fourth, but you’re out of luck on the public transport side. Property prices are pretty bad there too, but almost cheap in comparison to ireland.


You know for an age there, I didn’t get the knife allusion, I thought you were really concerned with table manners!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Vancouver is a sweet spot, if you could live and work downtown, the old public transport wouldn’t be so much of an issue, so many bike and skate the place it probably ain’t viable anymore!

Lovely place though…


Name: 2nz

Age 35

Occupation: Software engineering (aren’t we all :wink: )

AAM Status: Had a butchers a couple of year ago, but the crazy moderators (who started moaning at me) turned me off. TBH, I’m not mad into posting on any site anyhoo.

View on the crash: we are there. It’s hard soft landing time and I reckon this March\April is panic time (look up the curve), which could be followed in Autumn by the hard hard landing (Ireland is not different).

Property status: renting, waiting and ready to pounce at the right price.

Past propery internet shenanigans: I started and ran the site until the enterprising guys started automating those tasks (muchos gracias!)


Hey 2nz, haven’t seen you in a while! Welcome back :smiley: Your price blog was a milestone in the paradigm shift no doubt!


Good onya!

I think I found a link to your site on Wikipedia at one stage, then found my way here.

So thanks!! I think…


Name: PaddyThePlasterer

Age 29

Occupation: Telecoms, but considering changing

AAM Status: Was an avid reader of the sentiment thread but never registered.

View on the crash: Its happenning now but most people still think its just a temporary thing and it will be back to increasing house prices come 2009.

Property status: renting.


Name: Pat The Baker

Age: 44

House Buying Status: Bought 10 yrs ago

Occasional browser but I refuse to frequent a forum which is moderated by people who have clearly never experienced sex.

View on Crash:
Zombie movie

Will see off the remainder of this obscene decade at least.

Interests: DADA and soda farls


Name : Ashappyasslattery (female)
Age: 30
Occupation: Consulting Engineer

Housebuying Status: Renting. Have been working in Australia and New Zealand since 2004. Just back and had started looking at property with the view to settle here with Kiwi Partner. In fact had spreadsheet keeping trace of house price drops until i found the pin after a search on wikepedia for Irish Property!!
Will continue to rent happliy close to work until I see value for money and what I want more importantly. If this doesn’t happen I will move to New Zealand with my valuable euro savings.

View of correction: I’m no expert. watching and waiting with great interest and disgust at EA’s in Ireland. (I note that in New Zealand the EA’s currently are much more honest and transparent about the ‘correction’ happening there as well.)

Timeline for correction: when things become affordable for ppl.

Personal Comment: I’m as happy as slattery :smiley: since i found The Pin. so relieved to find irish ppl who are wise to the property issus here. Thanks you so much. Everyone else is in denial and it’s scary.


Name : groom (male)
Age: 29
Occupation: Software Engineer

Housebuying Status: Staying with folks at moment after returning home. Far too eager to buy for my own good. If it weren’t for the Pin I’d have given in to pressure from all sides.
Previous post like reading my own recent history. Moved to Sydney '04 then to NZ in '06. And now I’m looking to settle here and buy a house with fiance. But definetely got a eye on going back to Wellington or Chch cos its way cheaper and way better in comparison. But the NZ property scene is probably going to be every bit as bad as here. The house prices look like they are just stalling and falling now after years of mad price rises.

View of correction: I reckon plenty of people will submit to VIs (and their parents saying ‘never a better time to buy’) and jump at modest price reductions in the coming months. I think Dead Cat Bounce will be phrase of '08/'09

Timeline for correction: Messy series false bottoms ahead over coming year. After that who knows!


Name: Rentabelle
Age: 40
Location: Galway
Occupation: Letting Agent (before I incur the wrath of any pinsters, I’ve been in the business almost 20years, fully bonded and licensed, all my properties are PRTB’d, personally inspected and kept in good order, and I do operate above board. The majority of my landlords are professional, in the business 10+ years. I have heard unbelievable bull***t from Canny and Co. in the last couple of years all of which I treat with a jaundiced eye)
AAM: Looked on in wonder, thought I was out of whack until I found the PIN
House buying status: Have small cottage, let out a nominal rent (wrong location for me), waiting last 3 years for the market to correct, when it does, ready to move with hopefully decent liquid injection! I rent close to work at the moment
View on crash: We’re a little behind Dublin and we have very trenchant and ‘establishment’ VI’s (The Galway Race tents didn’t just happen by co-incidence y’know) who are in De Nile, it will happen tho’
Timeline: Autumn 08/Spring 09