Viewings in Last Month of Lease

I’m in the process of emigrating and have served notice to landlord that this will be the last month we’re in the house. They’ve put the place up on daft and want want the estate agents to be able to give viewings…I’m inclined not to facilitate same as I’ve payed rent in full for the month. Is this normal practice? I’ve personally never had to facilitate it in the past and have moved quite a bit…

You can say no. You are entitled to enjoy your privacy. Unless you want to negotiate a free month, i.e. they refund the month and deposit like today and you’ll be happy to facilitate.

I can definitely say no and be difficult but the thing is, I really like the couple I’m renting from. However, I also like my privacy and that of my family. On top of which, the house is strewn with boxes, black bags of stuff for charity, black bags of stuff for dumping. I’d feel obliged to clean up if given notice for a viewing. I think I’ll ask them to hold off until after the moving company come to ship all our furniture, etc. then tell them go for it. They’ll still have 2 or so weeks of our tenancy left at that point…seems fair I think? I don’t want to be an ass about it but adhoc viewings even with notice = big disruption to our lives at a time when we;re trying to pack up our entire lives and move abroad. I’m a bit p*ssed off they’ve assumed I’d be ok with it to be honest. I’m in the house 4 years now and its been the best landlord / tenant relationship I could ask for. Until now!

Off topic, the asking rent is 54% higher than what I pay…in Cork

I think you are being extremely harsh to be honest - you have rented long term off these people and they have been good to you, not raising rent etc. Its standard practice to view places while still under lease at the tennants convenience.

Why not ring them and explain your current situation with the mess and stress of emigrating and go with something sensible like two saturday afternoons like Mantissa pointed out? Sometimes its nice to do the right thing!

Extremely harsh? I’m don’t agree with that assessment. The 4 years has been good for us, and also good for them. This is why it’s been so amicable. They didn’t raise the rent because we’re good tenants who treat their property like a home and maintain it well. I learned I was emigrating 2 months ago and told them immediately. Now I’ve paid the final month’s rent and simply want to see out the month without any disruption above and beyond the stress of emigrating with two small children. Seems fair to me.

However, I take the point on the two Saturday afternoons maybe being a fair compromise…

I disagree its standard practice by the way. This is the fifth rental property I’ve left in Ireland and have never had this viewing in last month of lease before. Has this changed in the last 4 years?

I agree with the general consensus here and really don’t see what the big deal is. I have come across it a number of times when viewing properties but what I find extremely odd is where the tenant insists on staying for the viewing and then proceeds to follow the viewers around the apartment in case they may steal any of his or her belongings.

General consensus may be a bit of a stretch but appreciate the viewpoint

It’s not a matter of what you think is fair or standard. If it was in the original lease you signed then if you don’t facilitate it the landlord can withhold your deposit. Then you can go to try your luck with the prtb. I would suggest you facilitate it if you originally agreed to it.

Ultimately this is of course true. Thanks for that! Consider the obvious stated.

You are entitled to an undisturbed tenancy whilst you are paying rent, there is no legal obligation to facilitate these viewings and that cannot be superseded by a lease.

That said if the landlord is willing to break the law they may keep your deposit and it would be hard to get it back…

Actually a clause (which has not been specifically ruled out by legislation i.e. RTA) contained in the lease (which the tenant accepted) is a legal obligation.

As such a landlord would be entitled to make deducts for losses suffered.

I’m not going to go into details but I am 100% certain that there will be no fall back on legal solutions to this issue. I think a compromise along the lines Mantissa suggested would be the most appropriate. I’ve had an initial chat with my landlord and she’s agreed to drop in for a chat about it on Thursday and to put a hold on everything until then. Thanks all.

If it were obvious why do you think every second poster has a different opinion above? What is obvious to me though from reading your own posts above is that some people think agreements they’ve made in the past only apply if they still suit them and good landlords are fair game because of the sins of the bad ones.

You assume I made an agreement to allow viewings. I’ve read my lease tonight and as it happens, no such clause is anywhere to be seen.

Regardless I’ll be sticking to the compromise suggested by Mantissa. As Wellboy rightly says, sometimes its nice to do the right thing.

I suggest you take a little step back and compose yourself before jumping back on the soapbox to bang whatever drum you’ve dropped into this thread to bang.

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Yeah I got that Mantissa. On reflection, I think the stress of the move caused me to react negatively to their request for viewings this month. I genuinely like them and wouldn’t have a problem with facilitating the Saturday’s you suggested. As long as we have a few weeks for movers to do their work, etc.

Cheers. We’re getting there!