Villa Nova, Mounttown Road Upper, Monkstown (-1300k, -72.2%)

“The development site has full planning permission for two four bedroom dwellings located off Mounttown Road Upper.”

Was 1.8m, 1.5m, 1.25m … ite=myhome

Now 1.0m … lin/107207

700k … lin/107207

Is it 700k for a real house or a drawing of a house?

“4 bed **site **for sale”

If you buy the site, I’m sure they will throw in a free copy of the drawing of the house they were going to build there, before it became financially unviable.

by building the gaff themselves. :angry:


anyone been to see this site - I wonder how much to prepare it and build. seems to be full of trees many of which could be protected

I have viewed. Big job on this, but a large site. Planning consent only achived as no objection from neighbour who sold the site. I would be keep but too close to school. I’d hate to have to spend my down time clamping X5s.

Putting my Grand Design’s hat on - “This tricky site, bought at auction from [insert bank] for 90k”…etc. etc.

Wow that is one ugly house (IMO) - very reminiscent of UCD Arts block, built to withstand student riots!
A truly ridiculous price for a site - they’d be lucky to get that for the finished house.

Co Cork is on the webpage, someone slipped up.

Now down to €550 … lin/107207

The ‘that ship has sailed’ post is brilliant!

The date of the final Grant of Planning Permission for this scheme is May 10th 2007, leaving just over a year until it expires. Could be further price drops yet…

I wouldnt fancy the houses myself - would need to apply for planning again. what a nightmare that would be.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Now €500K:

Usen’t there be a marsh in this area?
If so, you could have serious problems with damp there.

Do you actually know this?

Seems a bit too high-lying to be true. :question:

I presume the site is the big green area between the red MyHome marker and the roundabout?