Villa Roma, 68 Silchester Park -Sale Unagreed

back on the market

That link doesn’t seem to work

link … in/2570916

Would this be classified as what Dustin affectionately refers to as ‘The Noggin’?

Did someone realise at the last moment that nearly 500/sq.ft. in Glenageary is bonkers, even in today’s bonkers market?

Or, more likely, even a bonkers banker knew it was bonkers … and wouldn’t bankroll the bonkers buyer.

@Alec: No it’s not. Its a stones throw away from the beginning of the noggin, but its a completely different world, a very pleasant estate.

I do have to laugh at the name of the place. I opened the link expecting:

but got:

I imagine any member of the Roma community would be well happy to live in it. I don’t see it actually not being a palace with a palatial price tag being an issue.

Too close to Vile Aroma for my liking…

The EA says it was sale agreed at €650k but the buyer wasn’t so honest and wasn’t able to complete.
I have viewed and its a fine old pile with a huge garden and great aspect. They want 6xx something I feel …

Viewed it and if I had the dough (which I don’t) I’d buy it. I looked at similar in Silchester a few years ago and detached were 1mil +. Jennings built quality houses in the 50s and they aren’t that easy to come by. 8)

Sold €685k on 16-4-14

Back on the market at 775k … ester-park