Villers Secondary School - People of Colour Alliance Produce Dark Anti Irish NWO Cult Video

That place is a boarding school

bloody hell may even need its own thread

That POCA with the standard issue raised fist, is the first give away.


A video by the Villiers School People of Colour Alliance (POCA)

All the Flags except the Irish flag cause that’s racist n’stuff.

More like we Invade you and demand undue respect and subservience how dar you ask us to integrate. You must fragment and disintegrate your own culture or… what is this school? It’s liek a school for diplomat children, how else can you explain the mix, and it if it’s a boarding it must be private no, so you need a few quid to send you child there for NWO finishing, yea NWO finishing school is that what it is?

Indoctrination instead of education.