Virgin broadband causing house alarm to not work?


So I got virgin media connected a few days ago and my house alarm has also stopped setting.

I had not put the connection together but rang Virgin about something else and was told I needed a wireless compatible box (GSM) to allow my alarm to work? WTF? Never heard of this before and they were short on detail.

I’m not connected to an alarm company like phone watch or anything; Just your standard alarm.

Advice needed!


I had heard years ago that Phone Watch wouldn’t work over a line with ISDN/ADSL provisioned, but if your alarm is not even connected to the phone line I don’t see how this could be an issue. Are you sure you don’t have some sort of monitoring?


Did your alarm sent you texts or ring you when it used to go off ?


Came here to say this.

Virgin lines will have nothing to do with your alarm.
But the phonewatch system went through your old landline telephone line, as does eir (and a few others) broadband…
This has probably been disconnected and is tripping the alarm.


I see. I had gone for broadband only, not broadband and home phone, so that might be it. I guess no active phone line, no functioning alarm


Not ideal but is a VoIP phone a cheaper workaround if you can’t resolve it? Check the ports though

In any case I think a stand alone Blueface phone is handy - Pay as You Go, 076 number


It depends on you alarm brand but you could get a GSM (mobile phone) module installled. I had one added to mine (HKC) when it was installed for €160 for the part.

Then it just has a SIM card and you make sure to top it up with Vodafone/3/etc regularly (I check the balance every few months online)

And you can text it to turn it on/off and it sends you texts when it goes off.