Virgin vs vodafone


My virgin broadband and TV contract is up, vodafone pushing hard in the area with their broadband/tv pack …any experience with vodafone broadband/tv?


Had Vodafone before and they use your domestic phone line for their internet. So the speed of the internet you get will be impacted by how good your phone line is. Same with Sky.

I’ve gone Virgin for broadband and Sky for tv because of this


Thanks …in current house a couple of years…the house came pre wired for virgin so only have that hardware (I’m sure there’s a landline included but I’ve never used it).


Anyone switch from virgin 240mb to Eir 100mb? Any noticeable difference? I just want it for casual browsing and Netflix.


Not in the same house, but have Virgin cable 240mbps and Vodafone 100mbps in two different locations. (Same phone line whether you use Vodafone, Eir or Sky). The fibre cabinet is only 100 metres away at the end of the street, so the “up to 100mbps” actually delivers an amazing 97mbps. Virgin and Vodafone both deliver very low latency and jitter. For 99.9% of activities there is absolutely no noticeable difference. However, your mileage is going to vary depending on location. I’d be trying to find a neighbour with phone line broadband to get an idea of the local copper infrastructure. There are also online maps that will let you look up your local cabinet location.


Thanks for reply …looks like I’m in a serviced area, at least one neighbour happy …when I switch from 240mb to 100mb as long as Netflix and Spotify comes on around the house I’m happy.

  • if you only care about speed and not price or add-on services.


Ditto on disliking bundles. But I do know people for whom the availability of, for instance, a particular sports channel, would be the decisive factor.


stick your Eircode in here

It will tell you what speed you can get over your phoneline and whether Eir/Siro Fibre is available at your address.


If Siro wasn’t available in your location, can you do anything to prepare for it, i.e. run a certain type of cable from the front of the house to where the router would go?