Virginia, Seapoint Avenue, Blackrock (-805k, -44.7%)


Was 1.8mln (first seen Dec 2009) … ite=myhome

Now 1.5mln

681 per sq ft :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:


Looks way over priced alright.

The maths is slightly off as this represents a 17% drop (16.67).


now 1.3m another 200k off

590 per sq ft, laughable in this market :laughing:


New listing, still 1.3m




1.3m and no photos of bedrooms or bathrooms? What’s wrong with them?


down to 995k. (-805k, -44.7%) … ck/2180706


Like the space and garage - busy road though.


OK I know very little about this area. Any views on the area, gaff and value welcomed. Thanks


Poster child for houses that chased down the market and didn’t sell.

On a very busy road/junction - but I love the double garage.

Actually compared to some at the stuff selling at the minute not bad value - at least the work is done. I do wonder why it has not sold. Is this an example a home that is just not trophy enough?


still for sale this one, planning to view soon

why hasnt it sold?

i know the area well, its not that busy a junction and you have some nice space and fine house, what gives


Think this is the winner for longest house on the market now that the Anglesea Road house is sale agreed?


deffo still for sale, im viewing on Monday

we would need the stars to align to get this, but unless there is something im missing, its decent value at asking and maybe there is a deal to be done?

There are far far inferior houses in estates in blackrock going for more


how did you get on with the viewing.


not going until saturday now


Looks nice.
Is there much traffic noise ?


now 795k, will surely sell at this level,

tenants are out, place has been painted and carpeted, decking has been taken out and garden tidied up.

still has its limitations, not least the parking and potential structural issues but its decent value for the location imo … lert_email


What is the gist of the potential structural issue? I recall some mention of it here before but I can’t remember/find it.


well if you look at it from the side of the road there is a massive crack running down the side of the building

have a gander here, … 56!6m1!1e1


Yes I had a look at that today from the footpath opposite as I was nearby. It seemed to have had a bit of repair work done as it doesn’t look so prominent but maybe that was the light. From the photos it looks like there are a few strange room layouts upstairs and also to me that car parking arrangement seems like a real pain. Do you leave the gates open and risk people wondering in where they can snoop about unseen? Do you close them each time you come and go even for 5 mins? I presume the traffic has been a big factor in the lack of interest but maybe there is something else. Might try to take a look if I get a chance.