Virginia, Seapoint Avenue, Blackrock (-805k, -44.7%)


now 795k, will surely sell at this level,

tenants are out, place has been painted and carpeted, decking has been taken out and garden tidied up.

still has its limitations, not least the parking and potential structural issues but its decent value for the location imo … lert_email


What is the gist of the potential structural issue? I recall some mention of it here before but I can’t remember/find it.


well if you look at it from the side of the road there is a massive crack running down the side of the building

have a gander here, … 56!6m1!1e1


Yes I had a look at that today from the footpath opposite as I was nearby. It seemed to have had a bit of repair work done as it doesn’t look so prominent but maybe that was the light. From the photos it looks like there are a few strange room layouts upstairs and also to me that car parking arrangement seems like a real pain. Do you leave the gates open and risk people wondering in where they can snoop about unseen? Do you close them each time you come and go even for 5 mins? I presume the traffic has been a big factor in the lack of interest but maybe there is something else. Might try to take a look if I get a chance.


yep if you lave the gates open they can just wander into your garden via the steps which isnt great

that said there is something charming about it, i liked it when i viewed it and it was in much worse shape as there were tenants in situ and it was a bit of a mess

itll be a nice home for someone if its sound structurally


You can install automatic gates for a less than 10k. ( i am going way over to make a point)

a full engineers report and associated permanent repairs should be factored into offers.


Lovely house.


Gates are automated already I think. Still a pain IMHO unless you can pull up and wait for them to open. Hence my point about whether you leave them open all day and close at night or each time you come and go.


That junction is too busy to be sitting waiting on gates to open unfortunately


Probably an issue allright. Hence it is probably open in the am and close at night. That said there are drawings of the revised road layout on the NTA site (I think - they are part of the Merrion Gates proposal) which seem to show that section becoming redundant for traffic from DL direction. The crack is certainly worthy of detailed examination however.


That’s a very good point, I had a look and confirm and you’re right the Merrion Gates public consultation document does show that. My understanding is that electric vehicles will reduce significantly traffic noise at speeds below 40km (above that the noise is mostly wind/drag) so the new owners could be looking at much improved situation in 10 years time.


gates if time to open is the issue , perhaps use phone. There are apps to remote gates , doors etc from anywhere in the world…

or even geo fencing…

I guess my point, is when dealing with hundreds of thousand of pounds one needs to look at the best solution, the one that makes you happy and bundle that into the cost. if the deal still looks good, it is a good deal.

If i see a property and it is on a busy road i might say to myself, that will be hard to unload in a down market thus any offer has to be reduced, if i can’t get it at that reduced rate it is just not the deal for me. It mean i miss more than i should but i would rather miss out than be the guy stuck with the brick.


Sale Agreed.


saw that yesterday

the end to a long running saga 8DD


Sold signs up now. Woo Hoo!


very quick turnaround,

i think / hope someone got a bargain but who knows, theres work to do on that house and i wouldnt like to be the one undertaking it :angry:


860K on PPR


brave buy at that money imo


Yep. Lovely gaff though.


i liked it a lot, so much so that we considered bidding on,

ultimately the proximity to the junction, the parking situation and the massive crack on the gable end put me off,

but its a pretty trophy house in a place like Blackrock for less than 900k!