VI's lay bull trap

Just how organised are the “VIs”?

Do we really think they meet up in the Freemason’s on Molesworth Street every month and plan how to get saps to want to sign up for a life of multinational work and mortgages?

It’s not any formal alliance. It’s just coincident that the Developers, Bankers, EA’s and Mainstream Media all have a vested interest in getting the property market restarted and back to what they regard as “normal”* as their revenues are negatively impacted, so it suits them all to repeatedly bleat the line that buyers should get in now before the “normality”* returns and you’ve missed out on the bargains. The implication of the “last-minute rush to snap up bargain properties before the end of the year” is that the smart money is going to start buying, shouldn’t you?

*normal in VI terms - house prices only ever go up

They will also be sitting down with the TSB/ESRI and plotting the exact monthly rises and falls in house prices to support this drivel

The PTSB/ESRI house price index is a joke AFAIK

They keep changing the methodology to suit their agendas.

I suspect the imposed utter lack of transparency is starting to work against the VIs. A colleague of mine was recently researching whether this was a good time to buy.He found the PSTB/ESRI price fall figures, announced they were obviously nonsense, and decided to wait because if the market is bad enough that they’re producing nonsense like that, it’s going to get worse.