Vive La France... … l-e-f-s-f/

Not one to blow my own trumpet…

oh who am I kidding:



How do you execute your trades? Broker etc? Are you doing this yourself or work at a fund?

PM if you prefer

@DP - I’d also be interested.

France in Crosshairs as Germany Enjoys Lone Status as Haven: Euro Credit → … redit.html

European Banks Hammered; Societe Generale “Denies All Rumors”; French Bank Option Prices Soar; Credit Default Swaps on France Under Attack → globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot. … ciete.html

What’s the odds of the French doing a Rainbow Warrior job on a rating agency.
I’d say the fact that Anglo Saxon capitalists are interfering with their cosy arrangement is driving them nuts. And Sarkozy could define anything as a National Security issue.
And to do this to them in August when they’re all on holiday is just mean.

Not a problem, someone told the rating agencies to keep on message.

Top rating agencies rally to ease French fears - Donal O’Donovan → … 45426.html … Q620110811

S&P futures were green, now red.

Big gains this morning in French bank stocks now turned to another pasting. … .html?_r=1

From the start of this crisis our leaders have been clueless, this just shows they still are and at this point I’ve given up all hope of anything changing.

I can’t see what your problem is with this.

It worked for the Irish banks didn’t it? :nin

They should just ban selling full stop, no selling till the markets are at highs, genius!!

And up the roller-coaster goes again…

Poor France. When is the contagion going to spread to protestant nations?

Iceland’s been there, done that. On the way back.
Sweden, Netherlands same…

So when did the Dutch blow up their banking system due to irresponsible expansion in credit? Apart from the tulips business that is…

And in defense of the Swedes and Finns and Norwegians was n’t the whole dereg / realignment of the Nordic banking system in preparation for the ERM (euro Mk 1) that caused all the problems in the late 80’s / early 90’s?

Funny how all this financial mayhem always seems to lead back to Brussels and their directives.

Since when is the Netherlands a “protestant” nation? Biggest organized religion is catholicism, afaik, though registered non-believers make up 40% of the population.

No. The Dutch helped to blow up our banking system with ACC instead :smiley:
They seemed happy to play the Casino in Ireland.
It’s a bit like Ned Flanders owning a casino in Las Vegas and pretending to be religious.

Did they blow up the British banking system with ABN Amro merger too?

Wow. what responsible protestantism.

maybe it’s the whole Orange thing… historically the Dutch Reformed Church was a State religion? There’s an evangelical Belt somewhere;

I was more referring to housing bubble (NL had one in 1990s?)- general mess - responding to the earlier throwaway comment in a similar commnt… … opic=199.0

Not really AFAIK: RBS simply overpaid