volume of sales up/down

anyone know where to look to see if the volume of sales has dropped in the last few months.
Is there any published periodically published stats which list volumes in addition to achieved(as opposed to Estate Agent valuations) sale prices.
At the moment we are seeing stats on the percentage price increase and number of units available on various web sites but I think no. of units sold would help identify how buoyant the market is.

If sales prices are still holding up but volumes collapsed then isn’t that a market crash.

I’m just comparing it to the car market.
200000 cars registered one year followed by 100000 in the next year at the same sticker prices would indicate a crash in the car market even though sale prices have remained static so the same would hold true for the housing market.

If there is, the VIs will never let us see it! Hell, there are no official figures for completions of new developments, we rely on the ESB stats for turning on and plugging in houses…

The fact that we’re seeing long waits on most second hand and exclusive properties seems to indicate that the top end and investment end of the market has collapsed…

But this bubble is imploding…

Commuter county activity will be the first to go, but sales in Dublin (volume at least) will remain buoyant enough for the time being I’d imagine…

Could the number of stamp duty payments made to Revenue be requested under FOI. That would show most of the secondhand sales.

Yes, I presume it could.

Indeed, that information might even be published somewhere! I think I saw it somewhere before…

Closest I came to getting an idea of the scale of the inventory problem at the moment is that the owner of myhome.ie said before christmas that there was no problem with the market as they had sold 2000 houses in November off the site countrywide.

If you consider that on daft there are 25000 houses roughly for sale at the moment, this represents just over 12 months sales at the current rate.

In the US they are panicking because the inventory has reached 7 months