W.I.W Glasnevin


Apologies that there’s only 1 picture.

Its currently rented accommodation. EA says it needs new windows back and front. Its apparently ‘run down’.

One around the corner is priced at €299,950

Thank you.

Very average to me… so averages would apply… I’d say 180k based on this. Rough multiple of 5x40k… minus 20k to sort out windows etc…

FWIW… no offense meant by the term average… it’s just I’d view Finglas as being a little worse… and Clontarf a little better… this part of Glasnevin would be average to me at least.

You are not comparing like with like,the “cheaper” one is a terraced and God only knows what condition its in,the second is a semi d in walk in condition…e160k for the terraced and e190-195k for the semi.

Yes I know that area and I’d agree with those valuations - especially now that trading up in a few short years is no longer an option, a townhouse (with no garden it seems?) is worth a good deal less than a 3-bed family home. And this is Glasnevin Dublin 11, not Dublin 9.

Theres a (wo)man who knows their stuff.

Agree wholeheartedly on the average-ness of the house and area.

Pretty much spot on with the price too.

Thank you for the advice!

They were trying to sell it last year too but then took it off the market as it became rented.

€180k is food for thought.

I know the area very well, went to school nearby. The road itself is ok but there’s a lot of trouble nearby. I wouldn’t class this as an average house, slightly below, by the time this whole thing plays out you’d be lucky to sell this for over 100K, can see these houses selling for 70-80k in the next few years.

I know the area well too. The price of the terraced one made me laugh out loud. There is no way they will get anywhere near the asking price. Good location if you have kids though, especially if you are don’t drive. The school, shops, church and a great park are all a 5 minute walk away, and it is directly on the #19 bus route.

BTW, what does W.I.W mean? I live in the States, and have only now discovered this great site. Wish I knew of its existence last year when I was selling the family home just up the road. Would have come in very handy !

What’s It Worth

I know this area very well too, grew up around the corner… It’s not what I consider Glasnevin, it’s Finglas.
The whole area is a kip, that park you’re referring to is grand if you wanna be hard drugs anytime after 7pm.

No offence to OP but would you send your kids to school in the area? really? Check the schools out,
they’re like prisons and the kids that go there would have your eye out. Shops are all crap, pubs are
just rough and whole area is depressing.

Gaff is worth 100K max.

I went and had a drive around the estate last night (10.00p/m) and unfortunately hooded teenagers playing football and sitting on the road outside the house with zero lighting didn’t instill allot of confidence :neutral_face:

This one is out of the price range daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=564460 but out of curiosity what would you offer?

[Thanks for the replies]

Glasnevin is a big area, lots of neighbouring areas like to use the name if not really in Glasnevin. There is quite a variation. Closer to Phibsborough and Drumcondra is generally better.

You’re still ignoring the Golden Rule for Glasnevin. Stick to Dublin 9.

I owned around this area of Glasnevin for quite a number of years
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … n-9/271948

This would be a much better buy comparitively (still 100k over IMO). Obviously more expensive to heat given age.
You might feel it’s too close to GraveDiggers pub if you have kids.
Great place for a pint though.
Goods schools on Iona/Lyndsey Road.

Even this (really Dub 11 though) whould be a much better buy.
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … n-9/359078

The location is a bit of a murder hot spot.

What spot?

All Dublin 11, or that particular area?

I’d hate to hear what he thinks of Southill…

Sorry, did you say Southill (Limerick) or South Hill (Milltown/Dartry)?

Personally I like to keep some distance between my home and the sites of open air murders.

herald.ie/national-news/cold … 35023.html
herald.ie/national-news/dani … 01599.html

And you with gunz in your username… :angry: