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If the taxpayer is taking the hit, we have the right to know who owns it.
Othewise it’s none of our business.

Incidentally, does that €58 million include 9% stamp duty, or do we have to add a further €5.22 million ?

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Amazingly this home is now worth just about twice the stamp duty that would have been due originally. Thats a scary scary thought!!

Maybe she needs the money???

Just saw the signs outside it this evening - certainly Savills and one other agent. There have been various tradesmen there over the last few weeks. Looks like it has finally come to market.

Might as well flog it it before the site valuation tax comes into effect.

Hopefully Gayle wasn’t munching on her morning meusli when she read that bit !

Or Sean munching on his Gayle.

:laughing: :laughing:

I know we all slag off the IT Property section (rightly) but very interesting editorial decision to allow Frank Mac to do the review of the property. No jazzy descriptions of how we are the bottom of the market, how this represents a great property etc. Instead just a couple of nicely accurate lines “it mainly contains rather pokey rooms, with bits of stairs running this way and that at different levels.”

Wonder if we can ask them to get Frank to do a couple of more pieces perhaps illustrating what god awful crap is being sold.

^^ The first thing I’d say about that video is that McDonald nails it: the house has no granduer to it at all. It is precisely the kind of place a jumped-up yahoo with no taste or imagination would buy. Which would put Kililea and Dunne firmly in the frame. Certainly writing “Balcony Bedroom” with builders’ pencil on the wall of the, erm, balcony bedroom shows the owners are not particularly deep thinkers or radical innovators.

The second thing to say is that you’d have thought that by 2011 The Irish Times could find someone who can operate a bloody DV camera. Sheesh.


Madam is no longer editor.
Is a radically different IT about to emerge ?

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