Walford - Shrewsbury Road

It really is a charmless and rather grim house, notwithstanding the extensive grounds and location.

That house doesn’t look like it has been lived in for generations.
When did it stop being a house and instead became an investment vehicle.
If ever there was a justification for an annual property tax then that house is it.

Other’s here may say it looks grim but any empty house looks grim when it’s empty, unloved and not a home.

watched the IT youtube video, makes the house look grim all right.
Hard to see how it’s worth more than €1.5M not to mind €15M or €58M!

It will probably remain unsold for years; The house is nothing special and anyone who would have the money is not going to want the publicity that will now come with buying it.

Apparently occupied until 2005.

Apparently occupied until 2005.

Wow. Imagine walking away with 58 million quid from selling your house 8DD

I wonder if they offered the banks that for the D4 Hotels would they entertain the offer :nin :angry:

Really would be a ‘Fuck you’ to Seanie Dunne

no longer for sale

irishtimes.com/newspaper/bre … ing19.html

Looks like they even managed to take all the Carpets etc with them!!

yeah i forgot about this, i rang them up 5 minutes after they took it off the market and offered them €58 million euro for it.

they said no, oh well :smiley:

Pffff… I had a chat with my budgie there and it said to offer no less than €68m!!!
But I think the budgie has been tucking into the hemp seeds a tad too much of late :slight_smile:

Well, that answers that discussion.

Sold €14m 29-3-13

I think I once predicted that we wouldn’t hear about this selling… nice to be right now and again! :smiley:

On a more constructive note, I’m surprised it got so much- Gayle must be delighted. I definitely thought it would struggle to get over €11/€12m.

I for one hope the new owner succeeds in getting permission to finally knock this thing. It is such an eyesore and the site deserves so much better. I keep an eye on Shrewsbury for planning apps and nothing has been submitted on this yet. Either they’re getting plans drawn up for a new property and liaising with DCC or it is possible that they’re buying this as an investment and letting it sit there indefinitely. Planning isn’t guaranteed on this road. The Chester Beatty site is one of the longest running planning debacles I can think of, although they are constantly trying to overdevelop it. Walford should only be granted planning for one single home as far as I’m concerned.

I wrote a quick piece on it here: dublinestates.blogspot.ie/2013/0 … -home.html

Best of luck to the new owners! 8DD

I heard that this sold in 2011 for 14m but the legals got complicated and was put on hold?

There was talks of an offer being made of €14m before they put it up for tender at €15m, however I find it unlikely as they knew they’d never get a better offer than €14m.

I agree with you SoCoDu.
I believe that a buyer of ‘impeccable credentials’ (whatever that means) had made a ‘hard’ 14m offer in 2011.
When they got into the legals, they became concerned at whether they could take clean posession and stood down.
Don’t know if this is the same entity who has completed (could be tied up with formal start of Dunne’s bancrupcy)?
Don’t know if they are Irish or not ?

Unlikely. Matsack Nominees (Gayle Killilea) would have owned this outright, presumably bought in cash. I have never seen any report of this property being subject to a mortgage. In reality, she wouldn’t have been able to sell it had it been mortgaged as you can be sure the mortgage would have been a lot more than €14m. If in fact they did have a mortgage on it, it would be very strange that they would manage to raise over €50m in cash and then get a small mortgage. They would have mortgaged it all if they were going down that route. Sean Dunne has never been associated with the property, although one would wonder where a former gossip columnist would find €63,200,000 in cash to fund such a purchase. :angry:

Very funny SoCoDu !
Although I think they are laughing at our expense :frowning:

It means one of about four people we could all probably name.

I have only just twigged that Killilea bought it at the peak of the bubble from scions of the Duggan family who made their fortune from the (in)famous Irish Sweepstakes. Some families must have the lucky gene is all I can say.