Wall Street was innocent. Dem Furriners Caused Crisis

The fact that Time magazine has entertained this drivel probably shows the depths to which republican tendency America is grasping at straws. Over to FT Alpha who summarised today. The crisis was caused by Wall Street and by the US ratings agencies that would have explained in the most rigouros mathematical terms how to assign a Triple A rating to the contents of my sewage tank and whose Wall St friends would have sold the package on …smell and all…with the utmost aplomb.

ftalphaville.ft.com/blog/2010/01 … al-crisis/

And it was your ratings agencies that fraudulently represented toxic sludge as safe assets to get the business Mr Caballero. You will be describing Al Capone as a small time publican next .

The solution in Caballeros addled mind is to let the rest of the world hire the poxy ratings agencies to create a similar toxic sludge.

What a moron :frowning: His full paper ishere

Jabus, he could work for FF!

The greaseball must be lobbying Cowen for the chairmanship of the Banking Enquiry :frowning:

And from Denninger today
market-ticker.denninger.net/arch … China.html

Words fail me

hard to grapple with the depraved mindset and sher any excuse will do to avoid paying your debts.

cant be long now before the race card is played and all those chinese spies deported or put in camps, those pakis and yemenis put in Guantanamo, , where does it end? Fox news will go into overdrive with this shit

WAR WAR WAR defend the american way all the way 8DD

I prefer this telling of events (from July 2007)

ftalphaville.ft.com/blog/2007/08 … kyle-bass/

Yeah, it was the chap wot invented the Gaussian Copula function’s fault!

And David Bowie.

In the US, you get ahead in your career by providing useful narratives for your pay-(slave-) masters.
Bernake is the best example. His bullcrap about the savings glut got him his job. It’s a pity the
influential media watchdogs like Martin Wolf bought that crap. Don’t think they’ll buy this, though.