Want to Buy, Large Deposit, Low Income

You can get the winnings paid by Direct Debit! (still send out a paper notification)

The awful thing is that in the present environment, all things considered, that return’s not bad. Given that DIRT is 40%, you’d about double your net income and if you’re risk averse, have a reasonable sum of idle money that you might need in the short to medium term but aren’t stinking rich, there are certainly worse things to do with it.

Direct Credit, surely? :wink:
If even Prize bonds have a negative nominal, let alone real yield, your only investments ought to be beans, guns and ammo! :open_mouth:

I find your scheme interesting and would like to subscribe to your newsletter. :slight_smile:
(Honestly, I do. :blush: The phrase “Sterling’s Approximation” suddenly made me come over all misty-eyed and nostalgic for my days studying ‘A’ level maths many years ago.) :smiley:

Ok, let’s try to get it all out of the way in one hefty installment. We’ll start with some refreshers on combinatorics before relating it to Prize Bonds.

ps200306’s Newsletter #1

EDIT: I moved all of this explanation to a doc on the web, plus an associated spreadsheet.

Why not spend some of the savings on yourself? Travel for a few months, go out and enjoy yourself, get sky movies. Whatever suits. I know there is an appeal to living frugally and i sometimes look at how much i spend on nights out, television, holidays etc or even on food by eating out instead of cooking a cheap veg curry and shudder at the waste of money.

But fundamentally life is for living and a bit of a holiday might give you some perspective.

I dont deprive myself, I do all that anyway, its just all my hobbies are centred around cycling/exercise or gaming/films, most of which is basically free. No need to spend money on tv and films in this day and age, pissing money away on stuff like that just doesn’t appeal, most of my friends are the same.